This layer contains the metadata necessary to build the klibc library and utilities (shared and static) plus other tools useful for the creation of small-sized initramfses.

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The meta-initramfs layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
dracut 036 Initramfs generator using udev
initramfs-kexecboot-image 1.0 Initramfs image for kexecboot kernel
initramfs-kexecboot-klibc-image 1.0 Initramfs image for kexecboot kernel (klibc-static binaries)
kexec-tools-klibc 2.0.2 Kexec tools, statically compiled against klibc
kexecboot 0.6 kexecboot linux-as-bootloader
kexecboot-cfg 0.1 Configuration files for kexecboot
klcc-cross 2.0.3 The klcc crosscompiler for klibc
klibc 2.0.3 klibc, a small C library for use with initramfs
klibc-static-utils 2.0.3 klibc utils for initramfs statically compiled
klibc-utils 2.0.3 klibc utils for initramfs
linux-yocto-tiny-kexecboot 3.10.35+gitX Yocto tiny kernel embedding a minimalistic kexecboot initramfs
ubi-utils-klibc 1.5.0 UBI utils statically compiled against klibc