BSP layer for Arm reference and virtual platforms

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The meta-arm-bsp layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
boot-wrapper-aarch64 gitX Linux aarch64 boot wrapper with FDT support
firmware-image-juno 1.0 Firmware Image for Juno to be copied to the Configuration microSD card
gem5-aarch64-bootloader v20.0.0.1 Gem5 AARCH64 boot loader
gem5-aarch64-dtb 1.0
gem5-aarch64-native v20.0.0.1 A modular platform for computer-system architecture research
linux-linaro-arm 5.4 Linux kernel
linux-linaro-arm 4.19.0+gitX Linux kernel
linux-yocto 5.3.18+gitX Linux kernel
scp-firmware-juno 19.06 System Control Processor (SCP) firmware for Juno
a5ds Cortex-A5 DesignStart
foundation-armv8 Armv8-A Foundation Platform model
fvp-base Armv8-A Base Platform FVP model
gem5-arm64 Gem5 arm64
juno Juno
n1sdp N1SDP
tc0 TC0