This layer provides support for general recipes for the Arm architecture. Anything that's not needed explicitly for BSPs, the IOTA distribution, or destined to be upstreamed belongs here.

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The meta-arm layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
edk2-firmware git UEFI EDK2 Firmware
fiptool-native 2.3 fiptool - Trusted Firmware tool for packaging
linux-arm64-ack 4.19 Linux kernel
opencsd git OpenCSD - An open source CoreSight(tm) Trace Decode library
optee-client 3.8.0+gitX OP-TEE Client API
optee-examples 3.8.0+gitX OP-TEE examples
optee-os 3.8.0+gitX OP-TEE Trusted OS
optee-test 3.8.0+gitX OP-TEE sanity testsuite
scp-firmware 2.6+gitX SCP and MCP Firmware
trusted-firmware-a git Trusted Firmware-A
trusted-firmware-a 2.3 Trusted Firmware-A
trusted-firmware-a 2.2 Trusted Firmware-A
trusted-firmware-a 2.1 Trusted Firmware-A
trusted-firmware-m 1.0 Trusted Firmware for Cortex-M