This BSP provides support to build a basic Linux image for Askoma boards.

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The meta-askoma-bsp layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
askoma-image-base 1.0 Askoma image test
askoma-image-base-installer 1.0 Install Askoma Image to device
askoma-manager-installer 1.0 Askoma Manager NAND installer
linux-askoma 6.0 Linux kernel for Energy Manager 2.0
linux-askoma 5.4 Linux kernel for Energy Manager 1.3
u-boot-askoma 2022.10+gitX U-Boot for Energy Manager boards
u-boot-askoma 2020.01+gitX U-Boot for Askoma based boards
u-boot-script-askoma 1.0
imx6ull-em-r1 Energy Manager 1.2 and 1.3 boards
imx8mm-em-r1 Energy Manager 2.0 board