BSP for congatec products based on intel architecture

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The meta-congatec-x86 layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
cg-approval 1.0 Congatec Approval Test Dependencies
cgbcser 1-1 Example of how to build an external Linux kernel module
cgos 1.03.025 Congatec OS API (CGOS) support
cgos-demo-i2c 1.0 Congatec OS API (CGOS) examples - I2C example
cgos-mod 1.03.025 Congatec OS API (CGOS) support
cgspi-test 0.2 SPI Test Tool
cgutil 1.5.6 Congatec System Utility
low-speed-spidev 1.0 Low Speed Spidev
lte-connect 1.0 Script to connect LTE with Huawei ME936 modem
spidev-test 1.0 SPI Loopback Tool for Testing
congatec-b7ac-64 conga-B7AC board
congatec-qa3-64 QA3 64-bit systems
congatec-tca5-64 conga-TCA5, conga-QA5, conga-MA5, conga-IA5 boards
congatec-tcwl-64 conga-TCWL board
congatec-tsco-64 conga-TSCO board