Gumstix board support (official)

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Recipe name Version Description
bluez-alsa 1.0 Bluetooth Audio ALSA Backend
lxdm-theme 0.1.0 Gumstix LXDM theme based off of Industrial
packagegroup-cli-tools 1.0 A set of useful command line tools
python3-kiwisolver 1.1.0 matplotlib: plotting with Python
python3-matplotlib 3.1.1 matplotlib: plotting with Python
python3-rpi-ws281x 4.2.5 Userspace Raspberry Pi PWM/PCM/SPI library for SK6812 and WS281X LEDs.
rtk-hciattach 1.0.0 Realtek hciattach tool
duovero Gumstix DuoVero
overo Gumstix Overo
pepper Gumstix Pepper
poblano Gumstix Poblano.