This layer contains recipes for workspace and application products of the KDE community. For KDE Frameworks recipes see meta-kf5.

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The meta-kde layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
alligator 21.12 Kirigami-based RSS reader
arkade git Collection of Arcade games developed in Kirigami
blinken 21.08.0 Blinken
bluedevil 5.23.1 Bluedevil
breeze 5.23.1 Breeze Style
calindori 21.12 Calindori
core-image-plasma-mobile 1.0 A basic KDE Plasma Mobile image
discover 5.23.1 Discover
elisa 21.08.0 Elisa
gcompris 1.0 GCompris
gwenview 21.08.0 Gwenview - Image Viewer
heaptrack 1.2.0 Heaptrack
kactivitymanagerd 5.23.1 KActivity Manager Daemon
kanagram 21.08.0 Kanagram
kasts 21.12 Kasts
kclock 21.12 Clock app for Plasma Mobile
kde-cli-tools 5.23.1 KDE Cli Tools
kdeconnect-kde 21.08.0 KDE Connect
kdecoration 5.23.1 Plugin based library to create window decorations
kdeedu-data 21.08.0 KDE Education Data
kdialog 21.08.0 KDialog
khangman 21.08.0 KHangMan
kirigami-addons 0.2 Add-ons for the Kirigami framework
kirigami-gallery 21.08.0 Kirigami Gallery
kjournald git Framework for interacting with systemd-journald
koko 21.12 KoKo Gallery Application
kongress 21.12 Companion application for conferences
konsole 21.08.0 Konsole
kpeoplevcard 0.1 KPeople VCard Backend
kpublictransport 21.08.0 KPublicTransport
kquickimageeditor 0.1.3 KoKo Gallery Application
krecorder 21.12 KRecorder
kscreen 5.23.1 KScreen
kscreenlocker 5.23.1 KScreenLocker
ktrip 21.12 Public Transport Assistance for Mobile Devices
kuserfeedback 1.0.0 KUserFeedback
kwayland-integration 5.23.1 KWayland Integration
kwayland-server 5.23.1 KWayland Server
kweather 21.12 Weather application for Plasma Mobile
kweathercore 0.5 Library to facilitate retrieval of weather information including forecasts and alerts
kwin 5.23.1 KWin
layer-shell-qt 5.23.1 Layer Shell Qt
libchewing 0.5.1 The intelligent phonetic input method library
libkeduvocdocument 21.08.0 KEduVocDocument
libkscreen 5.23.1 KScreen library
libksysguard 5.23.1 KSysGuard library
libmbim 1.24.4 libmbim is library for talking to WWAN devices by MBIM protocol
libphonenumber 8.11.4 libphonenumber
libpinyin 2.6.0 Library to deal with pinyin.
libqmi 1.26.6 libqmi is a library for talking to WWAN devices by QMI protocol
libreoffice-dictionaries LibreOffice Dictionaries
maliit-framework-qt5 2.0.0
maliit-keyboard-qt5 2.0.0
marble 21.08.0 Marble
milou 5.23.1 Milou
modemmanager 1.14.6 ModemManager is a daemon controlling broadband devices/connections
okular 21.08.0 Okular
packagegroup-kde-applications 1.0 KDE Applications
packagegroup-plasma-mobile 1.0 KDE Plasma Mobile
packagegroup-plasma-mobile-applications 1.0 KDE Plasma Mobile
packagegroup-plasma-mobile-workspace 1.0 KDE Plasma Mobile
plasma-camera git Plasma Camera
plasma-integration 5.23.1 Plasma Integration
plasma-nano 5.23.1 A minimal plasma shell package intended for embedded devices
plasma-nm 5.23.1 Plasma NM
plasma-pa 5.23.1 Plasma PA
plasma-phone-components 5.23.1 Plasma Phone Components
plasma-settings 21.12 Plasma Mobile Settings
plasma-systemmonitor 5.23.1 Plasma System Monitor
plasma-workspace 5.23.1 Plasma Workspace
polkit-kde-agent-1 5.23.1 KDE Polkit Agent
powerdevil 5.23.1 Powerdevil
pulseaudio-qt 1.2.0 KF5 PulseAudio Qt Bindings - libpulse bindings for Qt
qca git QCA
qca 2.1.3 QCA
qtkeychain 0.12.0 QtKeychain
qtwaylandscanner-kde 5.21.90 qtwaylandscanner temporary fork (really KWayland Server repository subset)
sddm 0.19.0+gitX QML based X11 and Wayland display manager
simplelogin git super simple sans display display desktop manager mockup mitigating mir
systemsettings 5.23.1 System Settings
telepathy-qt 0.9.8 Telepathy-Qt
ttf-noto 2019.01.11 Google Noto fonts
ttf-noto-cjk 2019.03.30 Google Noto CJK fonts
wayland-protocols 1.21 Collection of additional Wayland protocols
xcb-util-cursor 0.1.2 XCB: The X protocol C binding utilities
xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.23.1 XDG Desktop Portal KDE