2020-09-17: This layer has been relocated from BitBucket to GitHub server and the content rebased. Furthermore currently the layer no longer has separate branches but rather just one master branch which currently works with Yocto's thud, warrior, zeus, dunfell and master branches.

This meta layer is a complementary facility for disambiguating software license compliance standing of devices that contain software artifacts built from source code with Yocto framework. It facilitates generation of .json files containing both source code license analysis results (on a per-file basis) as well as relevant parts of Yocto metadata related to prementioned software artifacts. A command line utility for studying image-wide and package-specific license analysis results from prementioned .json files is also provided.

Git repository

https://github.com/vaisala-oss/meta-licscan.git web repo

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The meta-licscan layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
fossology-nomossa-native 3.4.0+gitX Fossology's stand-alone nomos license scanner