This layer holds the bits useful for Mentor Embedded Linux, but which aren't appropriate for inclusion in the distro layer.

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Recipe name Version Description
96boards-tools 0.12 Useful bits an pieces to make 96Boards more standard across the board
archive-release 1.0 Archive the artifacts for a OpenEmbedded release
binutils GNU binary utilities
core-image-minimal-install-initramfs 1.0 Small image capable of booting a device. The kernel includes the Minimal RAM-based Initial Root Filesystem (initramfs), which finds the first 'init' program more efficiently.
development-image 1.0 A development/debugging image that fully supports the target device hardware.
linux-yocto 3.17.8+gitX Linux kernel
linux-yocto 3.10.65+gitX Linux kernel
linux-yocto-rt 3.10.65+gitX Linux kernel
linux-yocto-tiny 3.17.8+gitX Linux kernel
linux-yocto-tiny 3.10.65+gitX Linux kernel
packagegroup-tools-audio 1.0 Package group for audio support.
production-image 1.0 A production image that fully supports the target device hardware.
python3-unidiff 0.6.0 Unified diff parsing/metadata extraction library
tofrodos-native 1.7.12a Tofrodos is a text file conversion utility that converts ASCII files between the MSDOS and unix format