Supported boards: - O4-iMX-NANO - EV-iMX280-NANO-X-MB

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Recipe name Version Description
linux-out4 5.10.87 Linux kernel
u-boot-out4 2021.10 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
ev-imx280-nano-x-mb Motherboard for O4-iMX6ULL-NANO with DB9 UART, MicroSD, 2xUSB, Ethernet 10/100, power 5V, and GPIO.
o4-imx6ull-nano Motherboard for O4-iMX6ULL-NANO with reset button, TTL 3.3V UART, MicroSD, 2xUSB, 2xEthernet 10/100, 2xRGB LEDs, CAN, RS485, power 6-15V, and GPIO.