OverC is a distribution composed of building blocks that implement a set of related functionality. Examples are: dom0: provides control services to the platform and is responsible for launching other containers in the system. Dom0 is not manipulated by non admin users. dom1: provides system services (such as ntpd, etc) to the platform. This is not used by a typical user. domE: provides full 'enterprise' functionality. This includes man pages, development tools, graphical desktop, etc. This domain is the primary environment for most users. OverC also has two essential image types, that provide a foundation for the container runtimes. These are: pod-builder: This is the image which lists all the packages required to boot the platform. pod-builder is also capable of self hosting and building the platform itself. pod-essential: This is a minimal runtime which is used for both the installer and pod-essential in the fully assembled system.

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