meta-zephyr allows you to build binaries using Zephyr, a RTOS.

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The meta-zephyr layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
binutils-cross-canadian-i686 2.26+gitarc GNU binary utilities (cross-canadian for i686 target)
binutils-cross-i686 2.26+gitarc GNU binary utilities
gcc-cross-canadian-i686 6.x.arc GNU cc and gcc C compilers (cross-canadian for i686 target)
gcc-cross-i686 6.x.arc GNU cc and gcc C compilers
gcc-source-6.x.arc 6.x.arc GNU cc and gcc C compilers
libgcc 6.x.arc GNU cc and gcc C compilers
zephyr-hci-uart 2.2.0
zephyr-helloworld 2.2.0
zephyr-ipm 2.2.0
zephyr-kernel-src 2.2.0
zephyr-kernel-test 2.2.0
zephyr-kernel-test-all 1.0
zephyr-peripheral-esp 2.2.0
zephyr-philosophers 2.2.0
acrn Machine for Zephyr BOARD acrn
arduino-101 Arduino 101 Board.
arduino-101-ble Arduino 101 Board.
arduino-101-sss Arduino 101 Board (ARC Core).
qemu-cortex-m3 Machine for Zephyr BOARD qemu_cortex_m3
qemu-nios2 Machine for Zephyr BOARD qemu_nios2
qemu-x86 Machine for Zephyr BOARD qemu_x86