This layer provides support for Digi's ConnnecCore platforms for use with OpenEmbedded and/or Yocto.

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meta-digi-arm web subdirectory

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The meta-digi-arm layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
amd-gpu-bin-mx51 11.09.01 GPU driver and apps on mx5x
firmware-mxs unknown Firmware files for Digi's MXS based platforms, such as Atheros bluetooth.
imx-bootlets-dey git IMX bootlets for Digi platforms
kernel-module-atheros 1.0 Atheros's wireless driver
kernel-module-gpio 2.1 Example GPIO kernel module.
kernel-module-redpine 1.0 Redpine's wireless driver
kobs-ng 3.0.35-4.1.0 Freescale's mxs nand update utility
linux-dey 3.10 Linux kernel for Digi's imx based platforms
linux-dey Linux kernel for Digi's imx based platforms
u-boot-dey 2013.01 U-Boot - the Universal Boot Loader
u-boot-dey 2009.08 U-Boot - the Universal Boot Loader
ubootenv 1.0 Digi's ubootenv tool
wmiconfig 3.4p4 Atheros' wmiconfig proprietary tool
ccardimx28js Digi's ConnectCore for MX28 JSK.
ccimx51js Digi's ConnectCore for MX51 JSK
ccimx53js Digi's ConnectCore for MX53 JSK.