Older handheld device support (Zaurus, iPAQ, etc.)

Setup information

Git repository

git://git.openembedded.org/meta-handheld web repo

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The meta-handheld layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
acx-firmware 1.0 ACX (iPAQ HX4700/HTC Universal) wireless firmware.
encdec-updater 1.0 A tool to encode and decode the Sharp Zaurus updater.sh script
ezx-gen-blob 1.0.0+gitrX Generic Blob [Bootloader] for the Motorola EZX platform
ezx-gpiotool X Gpiotool can read/write gpio configuration from userspace.
ezxd 0.0+svnrX Open implementation of motorola's tapisrv, replaces opentapi
h2200-bootloader 1.0 Bootloader firmware extractor for the h2200 iPAQ
ipaq-boot-params 1.0 Kernel boot parameters for HH.org bootldr
kbdd 0.12+svnr8 User-space keyboard daemon for external keyboards
linux 3.1 Linux Kernel
linux-hackndev-2.6 2.6.21-hnd3 Hack&Dev's Linux kernel for Palm devices.
linux-handhelds-2.6 2.6.21-hh20 handhelds.org Linux kernel 2.6 for PocketPCs and other consumer handheld devices.
linux-jlime-ben-nanonote 2.6.36 Linux 2.6.36 kernel for the Ben Nanonote
linux-jlime-jornada6xx 2.6.17 JLime Linux kernel for SuperH based Jornada 6xx
linux-jlime-jornada7xx 2.6.37+git JLime Linux kernel for Arm based Jornada 7xx
linux-palm-omap1 2.6.22-omap1 Linux kernel for OMAP1-based Palm devicess
moto-boot-usb-native 0.3.0+gitrX Boot a Motorola EZX device with a user supplied kernel
nandlogical 1.1.0 Nandlogical for Sharp mtd1
openezx-kernel 2.6.38-oe+gitr886b7c127040fe32b6780b11737af5ee83daf9b3 Linux Kernel
palmt650-keyboard-modmap 0.0.3 A X keyboard modifier mapping for the Treo650
tiinit 3.2.26 TI Bluetooth init bits.
zaurus-installer 1.0 Installkit for kexecboot-kernel
zaurus-legacy-tar 1.0 Legacy GNU-tar to unpack hd images on install for Zaurus spitz
zaurus-updater 1.0 Encrypted shellscript for the Zaurus ROM update
zaurusd 0.0+gitrX Daemon to handle device specific features.
a1200 Motorola GSM phone A1200
a780 Motorola GSM phone A780
a910 Motorola GSM phone A910
akita Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 device
ben-nanonote Qi-Hardware's Ben Nanonote
c7x0 Sharp Zaurus SL-C700, Sharp Zaurus SL-C750, Sharp Zaurus SL-C760, Sharp Zaurus SL-C860 devices
collie SA1100 based Sharp Zaurus SL-5000 and SL-5500 devices
e680 Motorola GSM phones E680, and E680i
h1910 HP iPAQ H1910/H1915
h1940 HP iPAQ h1930 and h1940
h2200 HP iPAQ h22xx
h3600 Compaq iPAQ 36xx, Compaq iPAQ 37xx and Compaq iPAQ 38xx devices
h3800 Compaq iPAQ 38xx devices
h3900 HP iPAQ h39xx
h4000 HP iPAQ h4xxx
h5000 Compaq iPAQ 51xx, Compaq iPAQ 54xx, and Compaq iPAQ 55xx devices
hx4700 hx4700 iPAQ with a pxa27x CPU
jornada56x SA1100 based HP Jornada 56x palmtop computer
jornada6xx HITACHI SH3 based HP Jornada 6xx palmtop computer
jornada7xx SA1110 based HP Jornada 7xx palmtop computer
palmld Palm LifeDrive
palmt650 Palm Treo 650
palmt680 Palm Treo 680
palmtc Palm Tungsten C
palmtt Palm Tungsten T/T2
palmtt3 Palm Tungsten|T3
palmtt5 Palm Tungsten T5
palmtx Palm TX
palmz31 Palm Zire 31
palmz71 Palm Zire 71
palmz72 Palm Zire 72
poodle PXA250 based Sharp Zaurus SL-B500 and SHarp Zaurus SL-5600 devices
rokre2 Motorola GSM Phone ROKR E2
rokre6 Motorola GSM Phone ROKR E6
rx1950 HP iPAQ rx1950
rx3000 HP iPAQ rx3xxx
simpad SA1100 based SIEMENS SIMpad and Telekom T-Sinus PAD devices
spitz Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 device
tosa PXA255 based Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 device