This layer provides recipes and package groups which allow to build the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE).

Setup information

Git repository

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The meta-lxde layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
gpicview 0.2.4 Simple Image Viewer for X
imlib2 1.4.4 Graphic library for file loading, saving, rendering, and manipulation
keybinder 0.3.0 Library for registering global key bindings, for gtk applications
lxappearance 0.6.1 LXDE GTK+ theme switcher
lxappearance-obconf 0.2.2 LXDE Appearance Obconfig
lxde-common 0.99.0 LXDE Session default configuration files
lxde-icon-theme 0.5.1 nuoveXT2 iconset
lxinput 0.3.4 LXDE keyboard and mouse configuration tool
lxlauncher 0.2.4 LXDE Launcher
lxmenu-data 0.1.4 Data files for application menu
lxpanel 0.8.1 LXDE Panel
lxrandr 0.3.0 LXDE Randr graphical frontend
lxsession 0.5.2 LXDE session manager
lxsession-edit 0.2.0 LXDE session autostart editor
lxshortcut 0.1.2 LXDE tool to edit desktop entry files
lxtask 0.1.6 LXDE task manager
lxterminal 0.2.0 Lightweight vte-based tabbed terminal emulator for LXDE
obconf 2.0.3+git Tool for configuring the Openbox window manager
openbox 3.5.0 A standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager
packagegroup-lxde-base 1.0 All packages required for base LXDE installation.
packagegroup-lxde-extended 1.0 All packages required for full LXDE installation.