This layer provides the base for the O.S. Systems Embedded Linux. It provides the "oel" distribution and a set of helpers used for multiple products being developed with OpenEmbedded and/or Yocto Project.

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Recipe name Version Description
beep 1.2.2 A console utility to make a beep noise
cog-init 1.0 Startup script and service for the Cog Browser
easysplash 2.0.0 EasySplash is an application that runs early the OS boot for showing graphical animation while the boot process itself happens in the background. The app is built on Rust and binds to GStreamer, so it can run in any backend that supports both.
easysplash-animation-default 2.0.0 Default EasySplash Animation intended for general use
easysplash-animation-ossystems 2.0.0 O.S. Systems EasySplash Animation
easysplash-config 2.0.0 Easysplash Configuration
generate-release-bundle 1.0 Generate release bundle
html5-demo git HTML5 demo useful for test browser performance
inputattach-config 1.0 inputattach configuration file
linuxconsole 1.7.0 Linux Console Project
net-persistent-mac 1.0 Network device MAC persistency
ossystems-factory-defaults 1.0 Tool to restore image state to factory defaults
ossystems-minimal-initramfs 1.0 The very minimal initramfs image capable of booting a device
telegraf 1.14.5 The plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics
tiny-init-system 1.0 Basic init system for constrained systems
u-boot-ossystems v2018.09+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-ossystems-mxsboot v2018.09+gitX U-boot bootloader mxsboot tool
zram-init git A wrapper script for the zram kernel module with interactive and init support