Tools required to build firmware and other baremetal components for AMD Xilinx FPGAs.

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The meta-xilinx-tools layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
ai-engine-driver 3.2 Xilinx AI Engine runtime
aiefal 1.0 Xilinx AI Engine FAL(Functional Abstraction Layer)
bitstream-extraction git Recipe to extract bitstream
bitstream-microblaze 1.0 Generates download.bit using updatemem
external-hdf 1.0 Recipe to copy and install externally built XSA to deploy
fpga-manager-util xilinx+gitX Recipe to generate necessary artifacts to use fpga-manager
fs-boot git+gitX FS-BOOT generator
imgrcry git+gitX Image Recovery
imgsel git+gitX Image Selector
mb-realoc 0.1 mb-realoc
openamp-fw-echo-testd 2022.2+gitX OpenAMP demo firmware
openamp-fw-echo-testd 2022.1+gitX OpenAMP demo firmware
openamp-fw-mat-muld 2022.2+gitX OpenAMP demo firmware
openamp-fw-mat-muld 2022.1+gitX OpenAMP demo firmware
openamp-fw-rpc-demo 2022.2+gitX OpenAMP demo firmware
openamp-fw-rpc-demo 2022.1+gitX OpenAMP demo firmware
uboot-device-tree xilinx-v2022.2+gitX Xilinx BSP u-boot device trees