Minimal set of recipes and classes to build qt5 based UI luna-next.

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The meta-luneui layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
cmake-modules-webos-native 1.0.0~rc7-19+gitX CMake modules used by webOS
cpushareholder-stub 2.0.1-2+gitX Stubbed implementation of the webOS CPU shares scripts
extra-cmake-modules 1.5.0+gitrX Extra modules and scripts for CMake
libpbnjson 2.9.0-38+gitX Palm's Better Native JSON library
librolegen 2.1.0-20+gitX Library for dynamically generating webOS system bus role files for webOS JavaScript services
luna-next 0.2.0-26+gitX Next generation webOS UI which meant to be a complete replacement for LunaSysMgr/WebAppMgr and is completely based on well known open source technologies like Qt 5 and Wayland.
luna-next-conf 1.0 Platform specific configuration files for the next generation webOS UI
luna-prefs 2.0.0-7+gitX Open webOS preferences manager
luna-prefs-data 2.0.0-2 Open webOS product preference data
luna-service2 3.9.3-194+gitX Open webOS Luna System Bus library, daemon, and utilities
luna-sysmgr-common 3.0.0-3+gitX Library containing common parts of luna-sysmgr and webappmanager
luna-sysmgr-ipc 2.0.0-2+gitX Open webOS IPC library used by luna-sysmgr
luna-sysmgr-ipc-messages 2.0.0-1+gitX Public headers for multiprocess support in LunaSysMgr
luna-webkit-api 2.0.0-1+gitX Public APIs for keyboard and field functionality in WebKit and LunaSysMgr
nyx-lib 6.1.0-70+gitX Open webOS portability layer - library
pmloglib 3.1.0-52+gitX Open webOS logging library
pmloglib-private 3.1.0-52+gitX Open webOS logging library - private interface
rdx-utils-stub 2.0.0-1+gitX Stubbed implementation of the webOS Remote Diagnostics Utilities
serviceinstaller 2.0.0-2+gitX An extensible object oriented component used to add service components to webOS
uriparser 0.8.4 RFC 3986 compliant URI parsing library