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This is the home for your python2 recipes. Python3 recipes will continue to be supported via the original meta-python layer. Python 2 is going EOL (end of life) in January 2020. This means that all support for the language will be on the shoulders of the community and the upstream python developers will no longer be supporting it. This has been in the works for several years and it should come as no surprise to ANYONE that the support is ending. In light of the above, oe-core, meta-oe, meta-python and other layers are actively dropping python2 recipes. This also means that the core developers for YP/OE will no longer have any motivation to maintain python2 or python2 recipes. This includes the creator of this layer. If your organization has legacy python2 code or depends upon upstream python2-only code, the time has come for you to move on. Porting from python2 to python3 is well documented. Continuing to depend upon python2-only code will increasingly open you up to security issues, vulnerabilities and breakage.

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