This layer contains the Automotive Grade Linux UI/Framework/Demo and can be built on-top of OE and meta-agl. It provides the image 'agl-demo-platform' . Dependency is "meta-agl"

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Recipe name Version Description
agl-demo-platform 1.0 AGL Demo Platform image currently contains a simple HMI and demos.
agl-demo-platform-crosssdk 1.0 Cross SDK of Full AGL Distribution for IVI profile
agl-demo-platform-qa 1.0 A full set of AGL Distribution for testing as Quality Assurance
audiomanager 7.4 GENIVI Audio Manager
audiomanager-plugins git GENIVI Audio Manager Plugins
audiomanager-plugins-config 7.4 Configurations for Audiomanager Plugins for AGL Demo
dlt-daemon 2.15.0 Diagnostic Log and Trace
dlt-daemon 2.11.1 Diagnostic Log and Trace
flite 1.06 The Flite+hts_engine is an English TTS System.
flite-voicedata 1.05 HTS voice.
gn 66.0.3340.0.r534306 Meta-build system from Google
homescreen 0.0+gitX AGL Home Screen Application
hts-engine 1.10 hts_engine is software to synthesize speech waveform from HMMs trained by the HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS).
inputeventmanager 0.0+gitX AGL InputEventManager Application
libhomescreen git AGL Home Screen Library
libnaviapi-agl git AGL Navigation API Library
libqtappfw 0.0+gitX AGL Qt AppFW Library
libvcard 1.0+gitrX Qt vCard library
mapviewer git AGL meter demo application.
mapviewer-demo 1.0 Setting files of mapviewer for the AGL Demonstrator @ CES2017
module-router git Pulseaudio router module
navigation git AGL Reference Navigation application.
openjtalk 1.09 Open JTalk is a Japanese text-to-speech system.
openjtalk-voicedata 1.6 MMDAgent Voice Data.
osmium git libosmium library
osrm-backend git Open Source Routing Machine
packagegroup-agl-demo 1.0 The software for AGL IVI DEMO profile
packagegroup-agl-demo-platform 1.0 The software for DEMO platform of AGL IVI profile
packagegroup-agl-demo-platform-qa 1.0 The software for DEMO platform of AGL IVI profile
packagegroup-agl-image-ivi 1.0 The middlewares for AGL IVI profile
packagegroup-agl-ivi-connectivity 1.0 The middlewares for AGL IVI profile
packagegroup-agl-ivi-graphics 1.0 The middlewares for AGL IVI profile
packagegroup-agl-ivi-identity 1.0
packagegroup-agl-ivi-multimedia 1.0 The middlewares for AGL IVI profile
packagegroup-agl-smartdevicelink 1.0 Set of packages for SmartDeviceLink
poiapp git AGL Reference POI application.
protozero git protozero library
pulseaudio-config-module-router 1.0 PulseAudio configuration to enable router module
qtaglextras 5.8.0+gitX
qtquickcontrols2-agl 1.0+gitX AGL demo custom QtQuickControls2 widgets
qtquickcontrols2-agl-style 1.0+gitX AGL QtQuickControls2 style customizations
unicens-config 1.0 Configure MOST driver
vod-server 0.1 Build VideoOnDemand server
wayland-ivi-extension 2.0.2 Wayland IVI Extension
wayland-ivi-extension 1.13.0 Wayland IVI Extension
web-runtime 0.1 Provides the 'web-runtime' command
windowmanager 0.0+gitX AGL WindowManager Application