Additional TI SDK applications that are distro-agnostic

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The meta-arago-extras layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
am-sysinfo git AM SysInfo
amsdk-av-files 1.4 AMSDK multimedia support files
arm-benchmarks 1.3 ARM Benchmarks
arm-compute-library 18.08 The ARM Computer Vision and Machine Learning library
armnn 18.08 ARM Neural Network SDK
armnn-caffe 1.0 Caffe protobuf files - used in ARMNN for Caffe network models
armnn-tensorflow 1.10.0 Tensorflow protobuf files - used in ARMNN for Tensorflow network models
av-examples 1.0 Linux Audio Video Example Applications
barcode-roi 01.00.00 Barcode demo to detect region of interest
big-data-ipc-demo-linux TI Big data IPC: Host linux examples
ccief-basic 1.0 CC-Link Industrial Ethernet Field Basic Master and Slave Implementation
clacc TI OpenMP Accelerator Model
clocl TI OpenCL offline C compiler for compute devices
clocl-rtos TI OpenCL-C compiler for C66x (Linux hosted)
clocl-win TI OpenCL-C compiler for C66x (Windows hosted)
cpuloadgen 0.93 Utility to generate specified CPU Load
cpuset 1.5.7 Cpuset is a Python application to make using the cpusets facilities in the Linux kernel easier
crash-recovery 1.0 Initscripts for kdump recovery mechanism
demo-image-proc TI Image Processing Demo for KeyStone 2
dt 17.07 The Data Test Program (dt) is a generic data test program used to verify proper operation of peripherals, file systems, device drivers, or any data stream supported by the operating system.
dual-camera-demo 1.0 Qt Dual Camera Demo
eventdump 1.0+gitX Utility for parsing system events
evse-hmi 1.0 HMI demo for electronic vehicle charging station (EVSE) using QT QWidget tools
external-linaro-sdk-toolchain 1.0
external-linaro-toolchain-cross-i586 1.0 Stage provided unwind.h header being used by target gcc installation
extra-cmake-modules 1.5.0+gitrX
flash-utility Texas Instruments Flash Utility
glfw 3.2.1+gitX GLFW cross platform graphics framework
glmark2 2014.03+X OpenGL (ES) 2.0 benchmark
glsdk-example-apps 1.0 GLSDK example applications
glsdk-util-scripts 1.0 Utility scripts for debug
gst-plugins-ducati git GStreamer elements to use the multimedia accelerators available on some TI parts
gst-plugins-vpe git GStreamer elements to use the Video Processing Engine (VPE) found on some TI devices
gstreamer1.0-plugins-dsp66 git GStreamer elements to use the TI DSP C66 in multimedia applications
gstreamer1.0-plugins-ducati git GStreamer elements to use the multimedia accelerators available on some TI parts
gstreamer1.0-plugins-hevc git GStreamer plugin for ARM HEVC decoder
gstreamer1.0-plugins-vpe git GStreamer elements to use the Video Processing Engine (VPE) found on some TI devices
hevc-arm-decoder ARM HEVC Decoder with Unit Test Application
hostap-daemon-wl18xx R8.7_SP3-devel-ti+gitX User space daemon for extended IEEE 802.11 management
image-gallery git Image Gallery
img-pvr-sdk 3.3.2 Imagination PowerVR SDK binaries/examples
input-utils 1.0 Utilities for the Linux input drivers
iperf 2.0.5 Iperf is a tool to measure maximum TCP bandwidth, allowing the tuning of various parameters and UDP characteristics
ipsecmgr IPSec Manager libraries
ipsecmgr-mod IPSec Manager kernel module
kms++ 2.0 C++ library for kernel mode setting
kmscube 1.0.0 Demo application to showcase 3D graphics on SGX using kms and gbm
libarch 1_0_0_0 TI Library Architecture
libarch-examples 1_0_0_0 TI Library Architecture Examples
libloki 0.1.7 Loki C++ Library
libnl-xfrm git Libnl extension for XFRM support
liboil 0.3.17 Library of simple functions optimized for various CPUs
linalg 1_2_0_0 TI Linear Algebra Library
linalg-examples 1_2_0_0 TI Linear Algebra Library examples
llvm-common 1.0 Helper script for OE's llvm support
llvm-rtos 3.6.0 Bare-metal build of a subset of LLVM 3.6 with support for TI C66x
ltp-ddt 20180118+gitX Embedded Linux Device Driver Tests based on Linux Test Project
makedumpfile 1.5.0 Make dump file utility
matrix-gui 2.0 Matrix GUI Application launcher
matrix-gui-3d-demos 2.0 3D demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-apps-images 2.0 Image package for Matrix GUI v2 Applications
matrix-gui-armbenchmarks-demos 2.0 Arm Benchmarks Applications for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-browser 2.0 Simple Qt web display using webengine
matrix-gui-browser-demos 2.0 Various Demo Browsers for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-camera-loopback 2.0 Camera loopback application for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-clocks 2.0 Clock setting descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-crypto-demos 2.0 Cryptography demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-display-control 2.0 Display control descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-ethernet-demos 2.0 Ethernet example applications
matrix-gui-generic-pm 2.0 Power management helper scripts
matrix-gui-helper-scripts 1.0 Demo helper scripts for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-hmi-demos 2.0 HMI demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-machinevision-demos 2.0 Machine vision demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-mc-demos 2.0 Keystone multi-core demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-multimedia-demos 2.0 Multimedia demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-opencl-demos 2.0 OpenCL demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-oprofile-demos 2.0 Oprofile demo applications for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-pm-demos 2.0 Power management demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-pru-demos 2.0 PRU demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-qt4-demos 2.0 Qt4 demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-qt5-demos 2.0 Qt5 demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-settings-demos 2.0 Settings demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-submenus 2.0 Submenu packages for Matrix GUI v2
matrix-gui-tidl-demos 2.0 Deep learning vision demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-touch-demos 2.0 Touch demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-usb-demos 2.0 USB demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-utility-demos 2.0 Keystone utility app demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-v4l2-demos 2.0 V4l2 demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-video-analytics-demos 2.0 Video Analytics demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-gui-wifi-demos 2.0 Wifi demo descriptions for Matrix v2
matrix-lighttpd-config 1.0 Lighttpd config for Matrix
meta-toolchain-arago 1.0 Meta package for building a installable toolchain
meta-toolchain-arago-qte 1.0 Meta package for building a installable toolchain
mmwavegesture-hmi 1.0 Gesture baed HMI demo using mmWave IWR1642 chip and Sitara AM device
nativesdk-packagegroup-arago-qte-toolchain-host 1.0 Host packages for Qt Embedded SDK
nativesdk-packagegroup-arago-sdk-host 1.0 Host packages for a standalone Arago SDK or external toolchain
netapi Provides NETAPI module: TI user space network library
netapi-test Provides test and application binaries using NETAPI module
ocl-gl-headers git OpenGL headers required for OpenCL development
omapconf 1.73 Diagnostic tool for TI OMAP processors
omapdrmtest 1.0.0 Test applications for OMAP DRM interface
open62541 0.3-rc4+gitX Open source implementation of OPC UA
opencl TI OpenCL host runtime and development packages
opencl-examples TI OpenCL example applications
opencl-examples-rtos TI OpenCL example applications
opencl-monitor TI OpenCL compute device firmware
opencl-monitor-ipu TI OpenCL M4/IPU device firmware for AM57x
opencl-monitor-rtos TI OpenCL compute device firmware for C66x (RTOS)
opencl-rtos TI OpenCL host runtime (RTOS)
opencl-tidl-fw OpenCL TIDL firmware for AM57xx
opencv 3.1+gitX Opencv : The Open Computer Vision Library
openfst 1.6.2 OpenFst: library for operating on finite-state transducers
openmpacc TI OpenMP Accelerator Model
openmpacc-examples TI OpenMP Accelerator Model
openntpd 3.9p1 OpenNTPD is a FREE, easy to use implementation of the Network Time Protocol.
oprofile-example git OProfile Example
packagegroup-arago-cross-canadian-qemux86 1.0 Host Arago SDK package for cross canadian toolchain
packagegroup-arago-qte-toolchain-target 1.0 Target packages for Qt Embedded SDK
packagegroup-arago-standalone-sdk-target 1.0 Target packages for the standalone SDK
pcitest 4.9 Linux Kernel PCI test
pinmux-utility Texas Instruments Pinmux Utility
pinmux-utility 1.0.1076.3 Texas Instruments Pinmux Utility
point-cloud-viewer 2.0 Point cloud viewer
posix-smp-demo This recipe creates a posix-smp-demo binaries.
protection-relays-hmi 1.0 HMI demo for Protection Relays using QT tools
python-appdirs 1.4.0 A small Python module for determining appropriate + platform-specific dirs, e.g. a "user data dir".
python-mako 1.0.4 Templating library for Python
python-pyopencl 2016.1 OpenCL Integration for Python
python-pytools 2016.2.1 A collection of tools for Python
qt-opencv-opencl-opengl-multithreaded 1.3.3 A simple multithreaded OpenCV example application using the Qt framework
qt-tstat 2.0 Qt Thermostat Demo
qtwebbrowser 1.0 Qt Touch-Friendly WebBroswer
recovery-kernel 1.0 Recovery kernel building for Keystone EVM
refresh-screen 2.0 Simple Application to force a screen refresh
screenshot 1.0 Screenshot
stb 2.31 single-file public domain (or MIT licensed) libraries for C/C++
stream 5.10 Stream Benchmark
switch-config 2.0 Ethernet Switch configuration management
thttpd 2.28 A simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server.
ti-crypto-examples git TI Cryptography Example Applications
ti-gc320-tests 5.0.11.p7 Test application for GC320 2D API
ti-llvm3.6 3.6 The Low Level Virtual Machine
ti-pru-sw-app-loader 1.00.00+svnX PRU sw application loader
ti-pru-sw-edma-library 1.00.00+svnX eDMA library for use by PRU sw example applications
ti-pru-sw-examples 1.00.00+svnX PRU sw example applications
tidl-api 1.2.2 TIDL API
tidl-examples 1.2.2 TIDL API examples
tidl-import TIDL import tool for conversion of Caffe and TF models into TI custom network format
tidl-utils TIDL Utilities and configuration files
tidl-viewer 1.2.2 TIDL Network Viewer
timestamping 4.1 Linux Kernel timestamping
ts-calibrate-init 1.0 TS calibration init script
uvc-gadget 1.1+gitX UVC gadget userspace sample application
voxelsdk 0.6.8 VOXELSDK and 3D scanning application
vtun 3.0.3 Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping, compression and encryption.
wpa-supplicant-wl18xx R8.7_SP3-devel-ti+gitX Client for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
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