Infrastructure to build ASP.NET 5 ( applications into an image.

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The meta-aspnet layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
coreclr 2.0.0 .NET Core Common Language Runtime (CoreCLR)
coreclr 2.0-25407-01 .NET Core Common Language Runtime (CoreCLR)
coreclr 2.0-25316-03 .NET Core Common Language Runtime (CoreCLR)
coreclr 2.0-25302-01 .NET Core Common Language Runtime (CoreCLR)
corefx 2.0.0 .NET Core Libraries (CoreFX)
corefx 2.0-25405-01 .NET Core Libraries (CoreFX)
corefx 2.0-25316-01 .NET Core Libraries (CoreFX)
corefx 2.0-25305-02 .NET Core Libraries (CoreFX)
corehost 2.0.0 corehost
corehost 2.0-25405-01 corehost
corehost 2.0-25316-01 corehost
corehost 2.0-25305-02 corehost
dotnet-console 1.0.0
dotnet-source-build 2.1.2 Dotnet from source-build
dotnet-web 1.0.0
libsystemnative git Quick, focused, and hacked library to make ASP.NET Core RTM run on Linux/ARM
libuv 1.9.1 A multi-platform support library with a focus on asynchronous I/O