meta-chaos is a set of recipes for the poky build system, which enables cross-building GNU/Linux images for home automation projects. By enabling meta-chaos, you can cross-build some of the popular projects, such as Homebridge and wifi-connect.

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The meta-chaos layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
filesystem-expand 1.0 Data partition filesystem expander
homebridge 1.3.6 HomeKit support for the impatient
homebridge-config-ui-x 4.41.2 A web based management, configuration and control platform for Homebridge
homebridge-energenie-ener314rt 1.0.2+gitX energenie-ener314rt plugin for the Homebridge project
homebridge-image 1.0
wifi-connect 4.4.4 Utility for dynamically setting the WiFi configuration via a captive portal