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The meta-chicken layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
chicken 4.12.0 A compiler that translates Scheme source files to C, and an interpreter
chicken-cross-canadian-i686 4.12.0 A compiler that translates Scheme source files to C, and an interpreter (cross-canadian for i686 target)
chicken-egg-9p 0.9 9p networked filesystem protocol implementation. Includes high-level client and server code library
chicken-egg-abnf 7.0 Parser combinators for Augmented BNF grammars (RFC 4234).
chicken-egg-accents-substitute 0.6 Substitute accented characters in strings
chicken-egg-advice 0.3 advise' functionality
chicken-egg-aes 1.5 A self-contained implementation of the AES / Rijndael encryption algorithm
chicken-egg-agrep 1.5 Approximate grep.
chicken-egg-alist-lib 0.2.11 SRFI-69-like library for alists
chicken-egg-amb 2.1.6 The non-deterministic backtracking ambivalence operator
chicken-egg-anaphora 0.7 Unhygienic anaphoric macros and hygienic named macros
chicken-egg-animation 0.3.3 Utility for creating animations from a series of images
chicken-egg-ansi-escape-sequences 0.4 Procedures to generate ANSI escape sequences
chicken-egg-apropos 2.2.0 Chicken apropos
chicken-egg-args 1.5.1 Command-line argument handling, on top of SRFI 37
chicken-egg-arrays 0.3 Functional arrays and sets
chicken-egg-async-io 0.2.0 Asynchronous I/O
chicken-egg-atom 0.1.2 Atom 1.0 feed reader and writer
chicken-egg-autocompile 1.0 Automatically compile Scheme scripts on demand
chicken-egg-autoform 0.2 Generates HTML forms out of database structures
chicken-egg-autoform-jquery 0.1 JQuery-based Javascript validators for autoform
chicken-egg-autoload 3.0 Load modules lazily
chicken-egg-awful 0.42.0 awful provides an application and an extension to ease the development of web-based applications.
chicken-egg-awful-path-matchers 0.0.1 Path matchers for awful
chicken-egg-awful-sql-de-lite 0.6.0 sql-de-lite support for awful
chicken-egg-awful-sse 0.2 Server-Sent Events module for Awful
chicken-egg-awful-ssl 0.2 SSL support for awful
chicken-egg-awful-ssql 0.1.0 Enable SSQL mode for awful's database-support eggs
chicken-egg-awful-static-pages 0.1.4 Tool to generate static pages out of awful applications
chicken-egg-awk 1.8 The SCSH/PLT 'awk' macro
chicken-egg-banterpixra 0.1 A tool to generate syntax diagrams (in SVG format) from BNF-esque grammars
chicken-egg-base64 3.3.1 Encoding and decoding of base64 strings
chicken-egg-basic-sequences 2.0 Basic sequence procedures
chicken-egg-begin-syntax 0.0.1 Inline macro operations
chicken-egg-bencode 1.2.2 Bencoding parser and serializer
chicken-egg-berkeley-db 2.2.3 Bindings to BerkeleyDB
chicken-egg-big-chicken 0.4 A convenience module that re-exports most non-standard libraries
chicken-egg-binary-heap 2.0 Binary heap.
chicken-egg-binary-parse 1.3 Reading variable number of bits from a sequential input stream
chicken-egg-bind 1.5.3 Automatically generate bindings from C/C++ declarations
chicken-egg-bindings 7.0.4 Pattern matching with destructuring bindings
chicken-egg-bitcoin 0.0.3 bitcoind JSON-RPC API client
chicken-egg-bitstring 1.34 Binary pattern matching
chicken-egg-blob-record 1.2 A facility for representing records as blobs.
chicken-egg-blob-utils 1.0.3 Blob Utilities
chicken-egg-bloom-filter 1.1.6 Bloom Filter
chicken-egg-blowfish 1.1 Blowfish
chicken-egg-box 2.3.2 Boxing
chicken-egg-breadcrumbs 1.0 Breadcrumbs for web pages
chicken-egg-buffer-ports 0.6 Ports on arbitrary memory buffers
chicken-egg-byte-blob 1.19 Byte array utility procedures for blobs.
chicken-egg-byte-blob-stream 1.5 Lazy byte blobs
chicken-egg-c3 1.5 Implements C3 class linearization for TinyCLOS
chicken-egg-cairo 0.1.16 Chicken bindings for Cairo, a vector graphics library
chicken-egg-call-with-environment-variables 0.1.7 Set up and take down environment vars
chicken-egg-call-with-sqlite3-connection 0.1.3 sqlite3 call-with-connection abstraction with timeout and finalizer
chicken-egg-callable-data-structures 1.0.1 "Callable" data structures
chicken-egg-cells 2.1.3 Implementation of typed cells to replace general set! operators
chicken-egg-cgi 1.1 An implementation of the CGI protocol as described in RFC 3875.
chicken-egg-channel 0.0.3 A reactive channel implementation inspired by lamina for Clojure (
chicken-egg-char-set-literals 0.3 A reader extension providing Gauche style literals for SRFI-14 char-sets
chicken-egg-charconv 1.3.6 Character encoding utilities
chicken-egg-charplot 0.5 The SLIB character plotting library
chicken-egg-check-errors 2.0.0 Argument checks & errors
chicken-egg-chickadee 0.10.2 chicken-doc web server
chicken-egg-chicken-belt 0.0.9 A utility belt for managing your Chicken coop
chicken-egg-chicken-doc 0.4.7 Explore Chicken documentation locally
chicken-egg-chicken-doc-admin 0.4.6 Administer Chicken documentation locally
chicken-egg-chicken-doc-html 0.3.0 Generate HTML from (svn)wiki SXML
chicken-egg-chickumber 0.13 A wire-server for cucumber
chicken-egg-chunk-vector v0.1.1 A dyn-vector like library capable of storing other srfi-4 vectors inside a dense array.
chicken-egg-cis 1.2 Compact integer sets.
chicken-egg-civet 0.3.6 An XML-based template processor.
chicken-egg-ck-macros 0.1.1 Composable macros based on the CK abstract machine
chicken-egg-clojurian 0.0.6 Syntax and utility functions inspired by Clojure
chicken-egg-cluckcheck 0.0 A Chicken Scheme port of the QuickCheck unit test framework
chicken-egg-cmaes 1.0 The CMA-ES library for non-linear function minimization.
chicken-egg-cock 0.9.3 In-source documentation: deprecated for hahn
chicken-egg-coerce 2.0.0 Type Identity & Coercion
chicken-egg-color 1.0 The SLIB color library
chicken-egg-colorize 0.4.2 Colorize programming code as HTML
chicken-egg-combinator-birds 0.3 Raymond Smullyan's combinator birds
chicken-egg-combinatorics 0.3.8 Combinatorics
chicken-egg-combinators 1.2.1 Combinators
chicken-egg-comparators 0.1 SRFI-128: Comparators (reduced)
chicken-egg-comparse 0.2.3 Schemely parser combinators
chicken-egg-concurrent-native-callbacks 0.8 Invoke callbacks from other native threads
chicken-egg-condition-utils 1.1.1 SRFI 12 Condition Utilities
chicken-egg-connman 0.9 Manage ConnMan using the D-Bus API
chicken-egg-continuations 1.4.1 Continuations as a separate datatype
chicken-egg-contracts 2.0.5 Design by contract
chicken-egg-cooperative 0.1.1 Coroutines and Finite State Machines
chicken-egg-coops 1.93 An featureful object system
chicken-egg-coops-utils 1.0.1 coops-utils
chicken-egg-correios 0.1 Correios post office shipping calculation library
chicken-egg-couchdb 0.3.5 Apache CouchDB client library
chicken-egg-couchdb-view-server 0.5 A Scheme view server for Apache CouchDB
chicken-egg-crc 1.0.2 Computes CRC checksum
chicken-egg-crunch 0.7.9999 A restricted statically typed subset of Scheme
chicken-egg-crypt 0.4.3 Secure password hashing through the Unix crypt() function
chicken-egg-crypto-tools 1.3 Useful cryptographic primitives
chicken-egg-csp 1.3 Solve constraint satisfaction problems
chicken-egg-csv 5.3 Parsing and formatting of comma-separated values (CSV).
chicken-egg-csv-xml 0.10.2 Parsing comma-separated values
chicken-egg-data-generators 3.2.0 Automatic generation of sample data. Useful for testing or other occasions where you just need a way to quickly generate data
chicken-egg-datatype 1.4 A facility for creating and deconstructing variant records (from EOPL)
chicken-egg-datatypes 1.3.3 Creating concrete-, abstract- and object-types
chicken-egg-dbc 1.0.4 Design by contract
chicken-egg-dbi 0.3 An abstract database interface.
chicken-egg-dbus 0.95 A binding for libdbus, the IPC mechanism
chicken-egg-dbus2 0.95 A binding for libdbus, the IPC mechanism
chicken-egg-debug 0.3.16 Some trivial debugging macros
chicken-egg-debugger-protocol 0.2 Low-level interface to debugger-protocol
chicken-egg-define-record-and-printer 0.1.4 Trivial macro to define records and appropriate printers
chicken-egg-define-structure 2.2 QobiScheme-compatible define-structure
chicken-egg-defstruct 1.6 A more convenient form of define-record
chicken-egg-describe 0.1 Describe objects in detail
chicken-egg-describe-coops 0.1.1 Describe coops (and regular) objects in detail
chicken-egg-dict 2.8.0 rfc2229 client api
chicken-egg-digraph 1.17 Directed graph in adjacency list format.
chicken-egg-directory-utils 1.0.3 directory-utils
chicken-egg-disjoint-set 1.0 Disjoint set datastructure
chicken-egg-dissector 1.7.7 An object inspector for Chicken
chicken-egg-doctype 2.1 Exports strings corresponding to standard XML (XHTML, HTML) doctypes
chicken-egg-dollar 2.0.4 FFI convenience macro
chicken-egg-dot-locking 0.2 advisory locking mechanism based on standard file operations
chicken-egg-dsssl-utils 2.0.1 dsssl-utils
chicken-egg-dummy-user 0.1 Simulates user input for testing interactive command-line applications.
chicken-egg-dyn-vector 1.13 Dynamic (dense) vectors based on SRFI-43.
chicken-egg-easy-args 0.6.0 Handle command-line options as parameters
chicken-egg-easyffi 1.99.7 Generates bindings from C/C++ declarations
chicken-egg-edn 0.5.1 EDN data reader/writer
chicken-egg-efax 0.1 Library for using the eFax service to send faxes over the internet
chicken-egg-egg-pack-sources 0.3.1 A tool to fetch eggs and dependencies sources
chicken-egg-egg-tarballs 0.5.0 Creates tarballs for eggs in henrietta cache
chicken-egg-eggdoc 1.3.1 An egg documentation tool
chicken-egg-eggdoc-svnwiki 0.3 Render eggdoc source to svnwiki syntax
chicken-egg-elliptic-curves 1.0.2 Arithmetic and Cryptography on Elliptic Curve Groups over Finite Fields
chicken-egg-embedded-test 17018.2 A simple framework for unit tests that allows them to be embedded directly in programs' code.
chicken-egg-endian-blob 1.7 Endian-specific procedures for converting blobs to numeric values and vectors.
chicken-egg-endian-port 3.0.2 An I/O port that supports different endian formats.
chicken-egg-environments 1.53 User defined evaluation environments
chicken-egg-er-macros 1.5.1 Explicit-renaming macros with pattern matching
chicken-egg-error-utils 1.0.3 Error Utilities
chicken-egg-ersatz 1.25 A template engine inspired by Jinja2 and Jingoo.
chicken-egg-estraier-client 0.3.2 A pure Scheme Hyper Estraier client library
chicken-egg-ethernet 0.3 A library to parse and unparse Ethernet frames
chicken-egg-exif 0.7 Binding to libexif, reading EXIF meta data from digital camera images.
chicken-egg-expand-full 1.0.3 Full macro expansion
chicken-egg-expat 1.4 An interface to James Clark's Expat XML parser
chicken-egg-ezxdisp 2.9 A simple 2D and 3D graphics library for X11
chicken-egg-f-operator 3.0.0 Shift/Reset Control Operators.
chicken-egg-fancypants 0.4.1 Automatic ASCII smart quotes and ligature handling for SXML
chicken-egg-fast-generic 0.4 fast-generic functions
chicken-egg-fast-loop 0.4 Fast extensible looping macros
chicken-egg-fastcgi 1.1.2 Bindings for the FCGX API of libfcgi
chicken-egg-feature-test 0.1 Foreign feature testing
chicken-egg-filepath 1.5 Cross-platform file path manipulation.
chicken-egg-flsim 4.0 Definition and code generators for a simple applicative language for numerical simulation.
chicken-egg-fluids 1.1 fluid variables - an alternative to SRFI-39
chicken-egg-fmt 0.808 Combinator Formatting
chicken-egg-fnmatch 1.0.1 Test filenames against shell wildcard patterns using fnmatch
chicken-egg-foof-loop 8.1 Extensible looping macros (originally based on Alex Shinn's)
chicken-egg-forcible 0.3.8 Thread- and exception aware, lazy-looking synchronization with timeouts - extending srfi-45
chicken-egg-foreigners 1.4.1 Foreign helper macros for Chicken 4
chicken-egg-format 3.1.6 Common-Lisp style formatted output
chicken-egg-format-compiler 17017.1 Format procedures to generate output based on format strings.
chicken-egg-format-compiler-base 17017.2 Base of the format procedures to generate output based on format strings. This egg should not be used directly: the format-compiler egg should be used instead.
chicken-egg-format-graph 1.8 Prints a graph in various formats.
chicken-egg-format-textdiff 1.14 Output text diff scripts in different formats
chicken-egg-formular 5.2 Process CGI email forms.
chicken-egg-fox 1.1 string formatting
chicken-egg-fps 1.1.4 Functional PostScript
chicken-egg-free-gettext 1.5.1 Binary-compatible flexible gettext reimplementation
chicken-egg-ftl 0.8 Interface based sequence library
chicken-egg-ftp 1.4 Simple FTP client
chicken-egg-gap-buffer 1.1 Gap buffer.
chicken-egg-gather-egg-information 1.0.0 A replacement for CHICKEN core's gather-egg-information which works with both old and new henrietta-cache cache formats
chicken-egg-gdbm 1.4 GNU DBM interface
chicken-egg-genturfahi 1.0.4 lo ke pe'a jajgau ratcu ke'e genturfa'i
chicken-egg-getopt-long 1.16 Command line option parsing.
chicken-egg-git-egg-author 0.7 A small egg to make life easier for git-using authors of Chicken eggs
chicken-egg-gl-math 0.8.2 A small gamedev-oriented math library
chicken-egg-gochan 2.1 golang channels in CHICKEN
chicken-egg-gopher 1.0 Basic Gopher protocol interface
chicken-egg-graph-bfs 1.13 Breadth-first search in a graph.
chicken-egg-graph-cycles 1.11 Enumerate all simple cycles in a graph.
chicken-egg-graph-dfs 1.11 Depth-first search in a graph.
chicken-egg-graph-dominators 1.5 Find immediate dominators in a directed graph.
chicken-egg-graph-scc 1.11 Compute strongly-connected components (SCC) of a graph.
chicken-egg-graph-separators 1.4 Determine the separation vertices of a graph.
chicken-egg-graph-ssa 1.3 Compute static single assignment form of a graph.
chicken-egg-graphviz 0.8.2 Some Graphviz abstractions
chicken-egg-groc 1.3 Generic interface for two-dimensional graphics output.
chicken-egg-hahn 0.9.3 In-source documentation
chicken-egg-hardwood 0.4 An actor model library, inspired by Erlang
chicken-egg-hashes 1.1.3 Miscellaneous Hash Functions
chicken-egg-heap 0.4.12 Mutable heap with priority-queue operations and O(1) membership-testing
chicken-egg-heap-o-rama 0.1 ...
chicken-egg-henrietta 1.1 Serve extensions over HTTP
chicken-egg-henrietta-cache 1.1 Fetch and cache extensions from various sources for Henrietta to consume
chicken-egg-high-load-scheduler 0.2 enhanced scheduler
chicken-egg-hmac 7.0.1 HMAC provides a HMAC using the message-digest interface.
chicken-egg-holes 1.4 partial expressions as procedures with named parameters
chicken-egg-honu 2.2 A parser for honu' syntax
chicken-egg-hopefully Simple software transactional memory.
chicken-egg-hostinfo 1.4.1 Look up host, protocol, and service information
chicken-egg-hpack 0.1 A HTTP/2 header compression library for Chicken
chicken-egg-html-form 1.5 HTML form constructor.
chicken-egg-html-parser 0.5.7 A permissive, scalable HTML parser.
chicken-egg-html-tags 0.11 Procedures to generate [X]HTML code
chicken-egg-html-utils 0.10 Procedures to ease the generation of some frequently used [X]HTML/SXML structures
chicken-egg-htmlprag 0.16.2 A permissive HTML parser
chicken-egg-http-client 0.12 High-level HTTP client library
chicken-egg-http-session 2.9 Facilities for managing HTTP sessions
chicken-egg-hyde 0.21.0 A static website compiler
chicken-egg-hyperscene 0.3.1 Scene graph and spatial partitioning
chicken-egg-iconv 1.9 Character-set conversions
chicken-egg-iexpr 1.9 Parser for I-expressions (SRFI-49).
chicken-egg-imlib2 0.18 Chicken bindings for the Imlib2 image library
chicken-egg-imperative-command-line-a 0.5.0 A simple, imperative-style command-line parser
chicken-egg-impromptu 0.1.6 Spawn $EDITOR to update association list for CLI scripts
chicken-egg-inclub 0.2 Brute-force include for multi-file programs
chicken-egg-ini-file 0.3.4 Read & write INI configuration files
chicken-egg-inline 1.9 Use compiled code inside interpreter scripts
chicken-egg-inotify 0.3 Bindings to inotify
chicken-egg-input-classes 1.0 Type classes and transformer functions for input streams used by lexgen/abnf and related libraries.
chicken-egg-input-parse 1.1 input-stream tokenizing and parsing routines.
chicken-egg-install 1.0.1 install utilities
chicken-egg-intarweb 1.6.1 A more convenient HTTP library
chicken-egg-interfaces 0.3 Simple interface/implementation abstraction
chicken-egg-internet-message 6.0 Parser combinators for Internet Message Format (RFC 5322).
chicken-egg-internet-timestamp 3.3 Parser combinators for internet timestamps (RFC 3339).
chicken-egg-interp1d 1.12 One-dimensional numerical interpolation.
chicken-egg-interval-digraph 4.1 Directed graph based on adjacency intervals.
chicken-egg-introspect 0.1 Module introspection
chicken-egg-ioctl 0.2 ioctl system call interface
chicken-egg-ir-macros 1.7.1 Implicit-renaming macros with pattern matching
chicken-egg-irc 1.9.8 A simple IRC client
chicken-egg-isaac 0.1.0 Bindings to the ISAAC CSPRNG
chicken-egg-isbn 0.8 ISBN lib for handling book identifier numbers and public isbn databases
chicken-egg-iset 2.0 Integer sets
chicken-egg-javahack 0.5 A simple interface to Java(tm)
chicken-egg-jsmin 2.1 Implementation of Douglas Crockford's JavaScript minifier in CHICKEN Scheme
chicken-egg-jso 0.2 A lightweight prototype object system
chicken-egg-json 1.5 A JSON library
chicken-egg-json-abnf 6.0 Parser combinators for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
chicken-egg-kanren 5.505 A declarative applicative logic programming system.
chicken-egg-kd-tree 5.1 K-D tree implementation.
chicken-egg-kvlists 1.0.6 Provides keyword/value list (or key-value list, for short) operations.
chicken-egg-lalr 2.4.3 An efficient LALR(1) parser generator
chicken-egg-landauer 0.0.2 Use the Landauer limit to calculate my program's entropy.
chicken-egg-latch 0.2 evaluating expressions just once
chicken-egg-lazy-lists 0.9 implementation of lazy lists
chicken-egg-lazy-seq 0.0.7 Clojure-like lazy sequences
chicken-egg-ldap-bind 0.0.1 Implements LDAP bind for authentication using OpenLDAP
chicken-egg-level 3.0.0 Provides a high-level API to leveldb implementations
chicken-egg-level-sexp 1.0.0 Automatically read and write s-expressions to a level implementation
chicken-egg-levenshtein 1.0.2 Levenshtein edit distance
chicken-egg-lexgen 7.1 Lexer combinators.
chicken-egg-linden-scheme 0.2.0 Parametric 2L-systems
chicken-egg-linenoise 0.7 A minimal, zero-config, BSD licensed, readline replacement.
chicken-egg-list-comprehensions 0.1 Some list-creating routines
chicken-egg-list-of 0.1 Simple list-comprehensions
chicken-egg-list-utils 1.1.1 list-utils
chicken-egg-llrb-syntax 0.1 Expands LLRB code customized to data structures. Pure and mutating versions.
chicken-egg-llrb-tree LLRB tree general and customized to key types.
chicken-egg-locale 0.6.13 Provides locale operations
chicken-egg-locals 2.0 local declarations a la ML
chicken-egg-log5scm 1.1.2 Logging library based on Common Lisp's log5
chicken-egg-lognum 1.2 Logarithmic number system.
chicken-egg-logpro 1.17 Tool for analyzing log files to extract PASS/FAIL status
chicken-egg-lookup-table 1.13.5 Simple Lookup Table
chicken-egg-loop 1.4 The Common Lisp LOOP macro
chicken-egg-loops 1.0.4 Some simple looping macros
chicken-egg-loopy-loop 0.5.4 Alex Shinn's LOOP macro
chicken-egg-low-level-macros 3.4.2 Low-level macros with pattern matching
chicken-egg-lowdown 0.1.0 A pure Chicken Markdown parser
chicken-egg-lru-cache 0.5.3 LRU cache
chicken-egg-lua 0.4 Embed Lua interpreter into Scheme applications
chicken-egg-lz4 0.2 A wrapper around the LZ4 compression library.
chicken-egg-make 1.8 The PLT 'make' macro
chicken-egg-manual-labor 0.1.1 Generate static HTML manual from wiki docs
chicken-egg-markdown-svnwiki 0.2.1 Convert Markdown to svnwiki
chicken-egg-mat5-lib 2.5 Reading and writing Level 5 MAT-File format.
chicken-egg-matchable 3.7 Hygienic MATCH replacement
chicken-egg-mathh 3.0.0 ISO C math functions and constants
chicken-egg-mbox 4.0 Routines for parsing Unix mbox files.
chicken-egg-md5 3.1.0 Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums
chicken-egg-mdcd 0.5 Inline Markdown documentation for your code with REPL support and generated files for public export.
chicken-egg-medea 0.1.8 A JSON parser (and emitter) built with comparse
chicken-egg-memcached 1.3 Client interface to the Memcached protocol.
chicken-egg-memoize 0.1 Procedures memoization
chicken-egg-message-digest 3.1.1 Message Digest Support
chicken-egg-micro-benchmark 0.2.1 easily create micro-benchmarks
chicken-egg-mini-kanren 1.0 Provides canonical miniKanren language -
chicken-egg-miniml 1.11 Interpreter for a simple ML-like language.
chicken-egg-miscmacros 2.96 Various helper macros
chicken-egg-missbehave 0.20 Behaviour Driven Scheme
chicken-egg-modular-arithmetic 1.0.2 Modular Arithmetic on Finite Fields
chicken-egg-module-declarations 0.0.3 Module declarations
chicken-egg-monad 4.1 Monads
chicken-egg-moremacros 1.4.0 More misc macros
chicken-egg-mpd-client 1.13 Interface to Music Player Daemon
chicken-egg-msgpack 0.4 MessagePack implementation for CHICKEN
chicken-egg-multi-methods 2.0.2 Multi-methods as a simple variant of generic functions
chicken-egg-multidoc 2.3.2 Converts SXML to various document formats.
chicken-egg-multipart-form-data 0.1 Reads & decodes HTTP multipart/form-data requests.
chicken-egg-mw 0.2.2 Expanded Mediawiki API interface
chicken-egg-mw-core 0.2.3 Core interface to Mediawiki API
chicken-egg-mysql-client 0.9 A MySQL client library.
chicken-egg-natural-sort 0.1 Natural sorting procedures
chicken-egg-ncurses 1.6 An interface to the UNIX ncurses package
chicken-egg-neo4j 0.1.3 neo4j REST client
chicken-egg-netstring 0.0.4 Parsing and writing <a href="">netstrings</a>
chicken-egg-neurolucida 1.16 Output Neurolucida XML files in various formats.
chicken-egg-neuromorpho 1.12 Access the NeuroMorpho database.
chicken-egg-nondeterminism 1.2 Nondeterministic computations
chicken-egg-npdiff 1.16 Compute the longest common subsequence of two sequences
chicken-egg-nrepl 0.2 Simple networked REPL over TCP
chicken-egg-null 0.1 The null egg
chicken-egg-number-limits 2.0.1 Limit constants for numbers
chicken-egg-numbers 4.6.1 Full numeric tower support
chicken-egg-numspell 0.5 Spelling Numbers as English in Scheme
chicken-egg-oauth 0.2 OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, RFC 5849
chicken-egg-object-graph 1.2 Graph description generator for graphs of arbitrary objects.
chicken-egg-oblist 1.2 Obtain list of all interned symbols and variables
chicken-egg-octave 0.4 Interface to GNU/Octave
chicken-egg-openal 0.91 OpenAL 1.1 bindings
chicken-egg-opengl-glew 0.9.3 Bindings to OpenGL core profile with extension loading with GLEW
chicken-egg-openssl 1.7.0 Bindings to the OpenSSL SSL/TLS library
chicken-egg-operations 0.5 The object system used in T
chicken-egg-options 0.2 Options a la ML
chicken-egg-packedobjects 0.78 cross platform bit-stuffing based on Packed Encoding Rules
chicken-egg-packrat 1.4 A packrat parsing library
chicken-egg-parley 0.9.2 A readline replacement written in scheme based on linenoise.
chicken-egg-pastiche 0.26 A small awful app implementing a pastebin service
chicken-egg-patch 1.14 Simple source patch utility
chicken-egg-pathfinder 0.2 Find files in search path
chicken-egg-pathname-expand 0.1 Pathname expansion
chicken-egg-pdf 1.0.3 A library for PDF generation.
chicken-egg-peep 0.4.1 Explore the compiler's symbol database
chicken-egg-persistent-hash-map 0.0.5 A persistent (as in immutable) hash map implementation.
chicken-egg-php-s11n 1.0.3 Serialization/unserialization of PHP data types.
chicken-egg-pigeon-hole 0.2.3 A mailbox constrained by capacity.
chicken-egg-pilgrim 0.0.3 Barebones http kernel
chicken-egg-pledge 0.0.1 Bindings for OpenBSD's pledge(2)
chicken-egg-pll v1.6.2 A simple Prolog implementation in Scheme, using the AMB operator
chicken-egg-pool 0.3 A set of functions to manage pools in a thread-safe manner
chicken-egg-pop3 1.5 Mail retrieval via the POP3 protocol
chicken-egg-posix-extras 0.1.6 Things the posix unit forgot
chicken-egg-posix-semaphore 0.5.1 POSIX Semaphores
chicken-egg-posix-utils 1.0.1 posix-utils
chicken-egg-postgresql 3.9.4 Bindings for PostgreSQL's C-api
chicken-egg-prcc 0.3 Prcc is a PEG-like combinator parser library by packrat parsing
chicken-egg-procedural-macros 2.0 Procedural-macros made easy
chicken-egg-procedure-decoration 2.0.2 Procedure Decoration API
chicken-egg-progress-indicators 0.4 text-mode progress-indicators
chicken-egg-prometheus 2.0.2 The Prometheus prototype-based object system
chicken-egg-protobj 0.4 A prototype-delegation object model
chicken-egg-protobuf 1.1.2 Protocol buffer serialization
chicken-egg-protolk 0.5 Flexible Scheme objects with message passing and prototypes
chicken-egg-pthreads 0.1 Maintain and talk to a pthread pool.
chicken-egg-pty 1.7 Easy Pseudo-Terminal Interface
chicken-egg-punycode 1.0.0 Represents unicode with the limited ASCII subset supported by DNS (RFC3492)
chicken-egg-qrencode 0.1.1 QR Code encoding - Bindings to libqrencode
chicken-egg-r6rs-bytevectors 1.0.1 R7RS implementation of R6RS Bytevectors
chicken-egg-r7rs 0.0.5 R7RS compatibility
chicken-egg-rabbit v1.1 Rabbit stream cipher
chicken-egg-random-bsd 0.2 FreeBSD random number generator
chicken-egg-random-mtzig 4.0 An implementation of the MT19937 random number generator with Marsaglia and Tang's Ziggurat algorithm to generate random numbers from a non-uniform distribution.
chicken-egg-random-swb 1.12 A random number generator based on the subtract-with-borrow (SWB) method.
chicken-egg-random-test 1.9 Some simple randomness tests for a sequence of numbers.
chicken-egg-rb-tree 5.2 A sorted dictionary data structure based on red-black trees.
chicken-egg-readline 4.1.3 An interface to the GNU readline library
chicken-egg-record-variants 0.5.1 Optimized record access
chicken-egg-records 1.3 Procedural record-type interface
chicken-egg-refdb 1.05 Tool for converting and maintaining a gnumeric spreadsheet as a set of flat text files.
chicken-egg-regex 1.0 Compatibility library for old regular expression API
chicken-egg-regex-case 1.2 Provides an easy to use <code>case</code> construct for regular expression matching
chicken-egg-regex-literals 1.0.4 A reader extension providing precompiled regular expression literals of the form #/[a-z0-9]+/i
chicken-egg-rest-bind 0.5 Generates wrappers to REST-like HTTP APIs.
chicken-egg-rfb 0.3 Implementation of the Remote Frame Buffer protocol
chicken-egg-rfc3339 0.1.1 RFC3339 datetime parser
chicken-egg-rfc822 1.7 Parse Internet Message Format
chicken-egg-ripemd 1.1.1 RIPE Message Digest
chicken-egg-rope 0.0.6 Heavyweight alternative to strings
chicken-egg-rpc 1.1.2 A flexible peer-to-peer RPC system.
chicken-egg-rss 1.6 A RSS parser
chicken-egg-s 1.0 Convenient string manipulations
chicken-egg-s11n 0.9.7 Serialization of arbitrary data.
chicken-egg-s48-modules 0.4.1 basic Scheme48 module syntax
chicken-egg-salmonella 2.7 A tool for testing eggs
chicken-egg-salmonella-diff 1 A tool to diff salmonella log files
chicken-egg-salmonella-feeds 0 A tool to generate atom feeds out of salmonella log files
chicken-egg-salmonella-html-report 1.6 A tool to generate HTML ouput out of salmonella log files
chicken-egg-sandbox 1.8 A safe evaluation environment
chicken-egg-sassy 0.2.4 A portable 32-bit assembler for x86 processors
chicken-egg-scbib 1.5 Scientific bibliography management.
chicken-egg-schelog 3.6 Dorai Sitaram's embedding of logic programming into Scheme
chicken-egg-scheme0-pe 1.0 Partial evaluator for the Scheme0 language.
chicken-egg-scheme2c-compatibility 1.7 Scheme->c compatibility package
chicken-egg-schemeweb 0.2 A literate programming processor for scheme, similar to CWEB
chicken-egg-scron 0.2 A very simple cron program
chicken-egg-scsh-process 0.7.1
chicken-egg-scss 0.5.0 An SCSS emitter with extensions
chicken-egg-sdbm 0.1.1 SDBM clone
chicken-egg-sedna 3.3.55 An interface to the Sedna XML database management system.
chicken-egg-selenium 0.6 Chicken bindings for selenium
chicken-egg-send-grid 2.0.1 Provides a simple interface to the SendGrid mailer service.
chicken-egg-sendfile 1.7.32 Sending a file over the network
chicken-egg-sequences 0.6 Generic sequence operators
chicken-egg-serial 0.7 Serialnumber arithmetic as described in rfc1982
chicken-egg-server-test 0.5 Utilities to help testing servers
chicken-egg-sets 17015.1 Functions useful for working with sets
chicken-egg-setup-helper 2.0.0 Installation/Setup Shortcut Routines
chicken-egg-sexp-diff 0.2.1 S-Expression diff algorithm
chicken-egg-sfht 3.0 A dictionary data structure based on counting Bloom filters.
chicken-egg-sha1 3.1.0 Computes SHA1 (FIPS-180-1) checksums
chicken-egg-sha2 3.1.0 Computes 256-, 385- and 512-bit SHA2 checksums
chicken-egg-shell 0.3 Convenient shell-command invocation
chicken-egg-sicp 0.13.2 Support for SICP
chicken-egg-sigma 2.5 An image gallery generator.
chicken-egg-signal-diagram 4.1 Signal function combinators.
chicken-egg-silex 1.4 An efficient and powerful lexer generator
chicken-egg-simple-cells 1.2.1 Implementation of typed simple-cells to replace general set! operators
chicken-egg-simple-configuration 0.3 Configurations made easy
chicken-egg-simple-contracts 1.3.1 Design by contract for procedures
chicken-egg-simple-exceptions 0.6 Some user-friendly exception routines
chicken-egg-simple-logging 17005.3 Procedures for generating logs of run traces of programs
chicken-egg-simple-sha1 0.4 A fast and simple SHA1 implementation with minimal dependencies
chicken-egg-simple-tests 2.3 Some simple testing routines
chicken-egg-simple-units 1.2.5 Simple Units
chicken-egg-siphash 0.0.3 The SipHash family of hash functions
chicken-egg-slatex 20090928.1 Typesetting Scheme code from (La)TeX
chicken-egg-slice 1.2 A slicer procedure for lists, strings and vectors
chicken-egg-slime 1.2 SWANK server providing basic SLIME support.
chicken-egg-smsmatrix 0.1 Library for using the SMSMatrix gateway services for sending SMS and fax messages
chicken-egg-smtp 4.0 Parser combinators and state machine for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (RFC 5321).
chicken-egg-snowdigest 1.0.1 Computation of message digests (CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, ...)
chicken-egg-snowtar TAR file format packing and unpacking.
chicken-egg-sodium 0.3.0 Bindings to the Sodium crypto library (libsodium)
chicken-egg-soil 1.5.0 Lightweight, simple library for loading image files into OpenGL-friendly format.
chicken-egg-sp 0.3 A simple parser generator
chicken-egg-sparse-vectors 0.4 Arbitrarily large vectors
chicken-egg-special-case 0.1 Optimizing Special Cases Abstractly
chicken-egg-specialized-io 1.5 Fast I/O procedures specialized for different types
chicken-egg-speech-dispatcher-client 0.0.1 Implementation of Speech Dispatcher's SSIP protocol
chicken-egg-spiffy 5.4.1 A small but powerful web server
chicken-egg-spiffy-cookies 1.1 Procedures for managing cookies
chicken-egg-spiffy-directory-listing 0.1 Flexible directory listing for Spiffy
chicken-egg-spiffy-dynamic-handlers 0.1 Deprecated Spiffy extensions for dynamically generating pages
chicken-egg-spiffy-request-vars 0.18 Provides easy access to variables from HTTP requests
chicken-egg-spiffy-sexpr-log 0.2 Symbolic expression log format for Spiffy
chicken-egg-spiffy-uri-match 0.3 uri-match integration for spiffy
chicken-egg-sqdb 0.0.3 Simple key-value store on top of SQLite
chicken-egg-sql-de-lite 0.6.6 SQLite 3 interface
chicken-egg-sql-null 1.1 A convenience extension for representing SQL NULL values
chicken-egg-sqlite3 3.7.0 Bindings to version 3.x of the SQLite API
chicken-egg-sqlite3pth 0.2.3 Run SQLite queries asynchronously in pthreads. Supports calling Scheme from SQLite's VFS to supply database block storage.
chicken-egg-srfi-101 0.0.2 SRFI 101
chicken-egg-srfi-102 1.0.3 Procedure Introspection (From Draft SRFI 102)
chicken-egg-srfi-113 0.8 Sets and Bags.
chicken-egg-srfi-116 1.3 Immutable Lists.
chicken-egg-srfi-117 1.2 List Queues.
chicken-egg-srfi-121 1.6 SRFI-121: Generators
chicken-egg-srfi-127 1.2 SRFI-127: Lazy Sequences
chicken-egg-srfi-128 0.7 SRFI-128: Comparators (reduced)
chicken-egg-srfi-133 1.3 SRFI-133: Vector Library (R7RS-compatible)
chicken-egg-srfi-25 1.2 Multidimensional arrays
chicken-egg-srfi-27 3.1.8 Sources of Random Bits
chicken-egg-srfi-29 2.3.2 Localization
chicken-egg-srfi-34 0.6 SRFI-34: Exception Handling for Programs
chicken-egg-srfi-37 1.3.1 A simple and flexible command-line option parsing facility
chicken-egg-srfi-38 0.5 A Chicken version of the SRFI-38 reference implementation
chicken-egg-srfi-4-comprehensions 1.4 SRFI-42 Comprehensions for SRFI-4 Vectors
chicken-egg-srfi-4-utils 1.13 Utility functions for SRFI-4 vectors.
chicken-egg-srfi-40 0.4 A library of streams
chicken-egg-srfi-41 1.2.4 SRFI 41 (Streams)
chicken-egg-srfi-42 1.73 SRFI-42 (Eager comprehensions)
chicken-egg-srfi-45 3.1.1 Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms
chicken-egg-srfi-60 0.3 Integers as bits
chicken-egg-srfi-63 0.4 Homogeneous and heterogeneous arrays
chicken-egg-srfi-7 0.1 SRFI-7: Feature based program configuration language
chicken-egg-srfi-71 1.1 SRFI-71: Extended LET-syntax for multiple values
chicken-egg-srfi-78 1.0 SRFI-78: Lightweight testing
chicken-egg-srfi-9-ext 1.0.4 srfi-9-ext
chicken-egg-srfi-95 1.4 Sorting and merging
chicken-egg-srfi-99 1.4.4 SRFI-99 record types
chicken-egg-srfi-modules 0.2 Provides modules for SRFIs usually exported by the chicken' module
chicken-egg-ssax 5.0.7 Oleg Kiselyov's XML parser
chicken-egg-ssql 0.2.3 SQL as S-expressions
chicken-egg-ssql-record 0.2 A simple egg to avoid SSQL boilerplate code when prototyping
chicken-egg-stack 2.1.5 Provides LIFO queue (stack) operations
chicken-egg-stalin 0.11.9 An aggressively optimizing Scheme->C compiler
chicken-egg-stargate 0.1 Provide access to HBase via the Stargate REST API
chicken-egg-static-modules 1.8 ML-style module system for statically-typed languages.
chicken-egg-statvfs 1.1.0 Wrapper for the statvfs C function.
chicken-egg-strictly-pretty 1.4 Algebraic pretty printer.
chicken-egg-string-utils 1.2.4 String Utilities
chicken-egg-striped-zebra 0.2 An API for using the Stripe payment system.
chicken-egg-stty 0.2.6 stty-style interface to termios
chicken-egg-sublevel 4.0.0 Namespaced access to leveldb implementations
chicken-egg-suffix-tree 2.0 An implementation of the suffix tree data structure.
chicken-egg-suspension 0.4 Serialized limited continuations
chicken-egg-svn-egg-author 0.1.4 A small egg to make life easier for svn-using authors of Chicken eggs
chicken-egg-svnwiki-sxml 0.2.13 Parse svnwiki to sxml
chicken-egg-sxml-fu 0.3.1 SXML transformations ruleset library
chicken-egg-sxml-informal 0.4 SXML ruleset for HTML forms
chicken-egg-sxml-modifications 0.1.1 The sxml-modification bits of sxml-tools from the SSAX project at Sourceforge
chicken-egg-sxml-serializer 0.4 Serialize SXML to XML and HTML
chicken-egg-sxml-templates 0.2.2 A simple facility for subtituting values into SXML expressions
chicken-egg-sxml-transforms 1.4.1 The SXML transformations (to XML, SXML, and HTML) from the SSAX project at Sourceforge
chicken-egg-sxpath 0.2 The sxpath bits of sxml-tools from the SSAX project at Sourceforge
chicken-egg-symbol-utils 1.0.2 symbol-utils
chicken-egg-syn-param 0.2 Operators with Extended Parameter Syntax
chicken-egg-synch 2.1.3 Synchronization Forms
chicken-egg-sysexits 0.1.1 Preferable exit codes
chicken-egg-syslog 1.2 Interface to the syslog-functions
chicken-egg-syslog-port 0.1.1 Port interface to syslog
chicken-egg-system 0.7 load and compile groups of files
chicken-egg-tabexpand 1.7 Tab Character Expansion in Scheme
chicken-egg-tagged-netstring 0.0.1 Parsing and writing tagged netstrings (
chicken-egg-tcp-server 1.2 A simple generic multithreaded tcp-server
chicken-egg-templort 0.0.2 barebones templating engine
chicken-egg-termbox v0.11 Library for writing text-based user interfaces
chicken-egg-test Yet Another Testing Utility
chicken-egg-test-generative 0.0.4 Allows quickcheck like testing for pure code with the test egg
chicken-egg-testdrive 1.7 A simple driver program for continuous integration scripts.
chicken-egg-testeez 0.3.1 Simple Test Mechanism for Scheme
chicken-egg-thread-utils 1.0.3 Thread Utilities
chicken-egg-tiger-hash 3.1.0 Tiger/192 Message Digest
chicken-egg-timed-resource 1.0.2 Resource w/ Timeout
chicken-egg-tiny-prolog 2.0 Tiny PROLOG interpreter.
chicken-egg-tinyclos 1.8.6 Gregor Kiczales TinyCLOS object system
chicken-egg-tinyclos-xerox 0.0.4 Experimental copy of the original Xerox PARC copy of tiny-clos
chicken-egg-tk 1.9 An interface to the Tk GUI toolkit
chicken-egg-token-substitution 0.2.2 Token substitution
chicken-egg-toml 1.0.0 A TOML parser built with comparse
chicken-egg-trace 1.0 tracing and breakpoints
chicken-egg-traversal 1.6 Various list operations
chicken-egg-treap 1.7 A sorted dictionary data structure based on randomized search trees.
chicken-egg-treaps 0.1.2 A functional interface to Oleg Kiselyov's and Ivan Raikov's treap egg
chicken-egg-tree-rewrite 1.0 Term rewriting for tree structures.
chicken-egg-trie 0.0.1 A trie (prefix tree) implementation
chicken-egg-tween 1.1.2 Tweens
chicken-egg-twilio 0.2.5 Bindings to the Twilio API
chicken-egg-type-extensions 0.0.1 Type system extensions
chicken-egg-type-stubs 0.0.1 Type syntax stubs for Chicken < 4.7.5
chicken-egg-typeclass 1.3 Type classes
chicken-egg-typed-lists 2.3 Immutable typed lists and sets
chicken-egg-typed-modules 0.1 Modules with optional type signatures
chicken-egg-typed-records 0.6 Typed variants of various record-definition macros
chicken-egg-udev 0.0.1 libudev bindings
chicken-egg-udp 1.18 An interface to User Datagram Protocol sockets
chicken-egg-ugarit 2.0 A backup/archival system based on content-addressed storage
chicken-egg-ugarit-manifest-maker 0.1 A tool to generate manifests for Ugarit archival mode
chicken-egg-unitconv 2.8 Conversion of units of measurement
chicken-egg-unix-sockets 1.8 UNIX domain sockets
chicken-egg-uri-common 1.4 Parser for common URI schemes
chicken-egg-uri-dispatch 1.2 Simple dispatch based on the supplied uri
chicken-egg-uri-generic 2.43 URI generic syntax (RFC 3986) parsing and manipulation.
chicken-egg-uri-match 0.7 A flexible URI matcher
chicken-egg-usage 0.1 A very small and simple helper to create usage messages
chicken-egg-usb 0.1.3 Bindings to libusb
chicken-egg-utf8 3.4.4 Unicode support
chicken-egg-uuid 0.1 A native implementation of UUID generation
chicken-egg-uuid-ossp 1.4.2 OSSP UUID
chicken-egg-vandusen 0.13 A cheeky IRC bot
chicken-egg-variable-item 1.3.1 variable-item
chicken-egg-varsubst 1.4 Parameterized variable substitution procedures.
chicken-egg-vector-lib 1.2.2 Port of the SRFI-43 reference implementation
chicken-egg-versions 1.15 Procedures for extraction and comparison of version strings
chicken-egg-vfs 0.2.0 TinyCLOS wrappers for file operations
chicken-egg-vlist 1.0 An implementation of vlists, a functional list-like data structure.
chicken-egg-with-current-directory 0.1.0 Convenience procedure for changing directories
chicken-egg-wmiirc 0.5 A library for writing wmii configuration scripts
chicken-egg-x11-colors 1.0 named standard colors as available in X11
chicken-egg-x11-keysyms 0.2 Encoding and decoding of the most common X11 Keysym-names
chicken-egg-xbmc-api 0.1.1 Implementation of the JSON-RPC based API for XBMC
chicken-egg-xlib 1.2 Xlib bindings
chicken-egg-xlib-utils 0.4.3 utils for xlib programming
chicken-egg-xml-rpc 2.1 XML-RPC client/server
chicken-egg-yahoo-finance 0.2.0 Retrieve stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance
chicken-egg-yaml 0.1.3 Bindings to libyaml
chicken-egg-yasos 1.4 A very simple OOP system
chicken-egg-yelp 1.0.4 An interface to the (deprecated) Yelp v1.0 API
chicken-egg-z3 1.44 A gzip (RFC1952) compression and decompression library
chicken-egg-zlib 0.5.1 Bindings for zlib
chicken-test-image 1.0
chicken-test-image-sdk 1.0
core-image-chicken 1.0
core-image-chicken-sdk 1.0