Tools for providing and working with additional filesystems.

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The meta-filesystems layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
aufs-util 4.9+git Tools for managing AUFS mounts
bindfs 1.17.7 A FUSE filesystem for mounting a directory to another location
btrfsmaintenance 0.5 Services for periodic btrfs maintenance tasks
e2tools 0.1.0+git Set of GPL'ed utilities to ext2/ext3 filesystem.
exfatprogs 1.2.4 exFAT filesystem userspace utilities
f2fs-tools 1.16.0 Tools for Flash-Friendly File System (F2FS)
fatcat 1.1.1 FAT filesystems explore, extract, repair, and forensic tool
fatresize 1.1.0 Resize FAT partitions using libparted
fuse 2.9.9 Implementation of a fully functional filesystem in a userspace program
fuse-exfat 1.4.0 read and write exFAT driver for FUSE
httpfs2 0.1.5 This is a filesystem client based on the HTTP using FUSE
ifuse 1.1.4 A fuse filesystem to access the contents of an iPhone or iPod Touch
libburn 1.5.6 library to write an ISO-9660 file system to physical media
libisoburn 1.5.6 library and tool to create and burn ISO-9660 images
libisofs 1.5.6 library to create an ISO-9660 filesystem
logfsprogs git LogFS Programs: used to create LogFS file system
meta-filesystems-image-all 1.0 A console-only image that fully supports the target device hardware.
meta-filesystems-image-ptest 1.0 meta-filesystems ptest test image
meta-filesystems-image-ptest-all 1.0 Recipe to trigger execution of all meta-filesystems ptest images.
meta-filesystems-image-ptest-fast 1.0 Recipe to trigger execution of all fast meta-filesystems ptest images.
ntfs-3g-ntfsprogs 2022.10.3 The NTFS-3G driver is an open source, freely available NTFS driver for Linux with read and write support.
overlayfs-tools 1.0+git Maintenance tools for OverlayFS
owfs 3.2p3 1-Wire file system
packagegroup-meta-filesystems 1.0 Meta-filesystem packagegroups
physfs 3.0.2 PhysicsFS is a library to provide abstract access to various archives
simple-mtpfs 0.4.0 SIMPLE-MTPFS is a FUSE based filsystem for MTP devices connected via USB
smbnetfs 0.6.3 FUSE module for mounting an entire SMB/NMB network in a single directory
sshfs-fuse 3.7.3 This is a filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol using FUSE
udevil 0.4.4 A command line Linux program which mounts and unmounts removable devices
ufs-utils 4.13.5 Tool to access UFS (Universal Flash Storage) devices
unionfs-fuse 3.4 A FUSE based implemention of unionfs
xfsdump 3.1.12 XFS Filesystem Dump Utility
xfsprogs 6.6.0 XFS Filesystem Utilities
xfstests 2024.03.03 File system QA test suite
yaffs2-utils 20221209 Yet Another Flash File System
zfs 2.2.2 OpenZFS on Linux and FreeBSD
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