BSP layer for the Intel Edison module.

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The meta-intel-edison-bsp layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
bcm43340-bt 1.0 Broadcom Bluetooth fw files and patch utility
bcm43340-fw 6.20.190 Firmware files for use with Linux kernel
bcm43340-mod 1.141 Broadcom wifi driver for the 43340
linux-externalsrc 1.0 Linux kernel
mcu-fw-bin 0.1 This is edison mcu fw binary.
mcu-fw-load 0.1 This is intel mcu app download daemon.
pwr-button-handler 0.1 Daemon listening to Edison PWR long button press, and starting OOBE service when it happens
sketch-check 1.0 sketch check
sst-fw-bin 0.1 This is edison sst fw binary.
u-boot 2014.04-1 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-fw-utils 2014.04-1 U-boot bootloader fw_printenv/setenv utils
u-boot-tools 2014.04-1 U-boot bootloader mkimage tool
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