SAFplus is a Midleware that provides libraries, GUI, and code generator to design multi-node (clustered) applications that are highly available, redundant, and scalable. This layer provide base components which is used by SAFplus.

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The meta-openclovis layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
openhpi 3.5.0 OpenHPI provides an open source implementation of the Service Availability Forum (SAF) Hardware Platform Interface (HPI).
openhpi-subagent 2.3.4 The openhpi-subagent package contains the Service Availability Forum's Hardware Platform Interface SNMP sub-agent.
openipmi 2.0.21 This is the OpenIPMI library, a library that makes simplifies building complex IPMI management software.
packagegroup-saf-base 1.0 SAFplus Base Packages
safplus 6.1 The canonical example of init scripts