The base resinOS layer which provides components for running resin on supported machines. Can be used in conjunction with resin infrastructure or simply for running docker containers on various targets. makes it simple to deploy, update, and maintain code running on remote devices. We are bringing the web development and deployment workflow to hardware. Using tools like git and docker to allow you to seamlessly update all your embedded linux devices in the wild. We handle cross-compilation, device monitoring, VPNs, and log collection, so you can focus on your product and not the infrastructure.

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The meta-resin-common layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
balena 18.09.5-dev+git7cab3339d1c1e4ad39b5baa49f4a38d5c1eb1ad5 A Moby-based container engine for IoT
balena-rollback 1.0 BalenaOS Rollback services
balena-unique-key 1.0 Balena device unique key generator
dnsmasq 2.78 Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server
go 1.10.8 Go programming language compiler
go-cross-canadian-i586 1.10.8 Go programming language compiler
go-cross-i586 1.10.8 Go programming language compiler
go-crosssdk-x86_64 1.10.8 Go programming language compiler
go-native 1.10.8 Go programming language compiler
go-runtime 1.10.8 Go programming language compiler
hostapp-update 1.0 Resin hostapp updater
hostapp-update-hooks 1.0 Resin hostapp hooks
kernel-image-initramfs 1.0 Linux initramfs bundled kernel packager
kernel-modules-headers 1.0 Linux kernel modules headers
libmbim 1.18.0 libmbim is library for talking to WWAN devices by MBIM protocol
libqmi 1.22.2 libqmi is a library for talking to WWAN devices by QMI protocol
mkfs-hostapp-native 1.0 Resin hostapp rootfs creation tool
modemmanager 1.10.0 ModemManager is a daemon controlling broadband devices/connections
networkmanager 1.14.4 NetworkManager
openvpn 2.4.3 A full-featured SSL VPN solution via tun device.
packagegroup-resin 1.0 Resin Package Group
packagegroup-resin-connectivity 1.0 Resin Connectivity Package Group
packagegroup-resin-debugtools 1.0 Resin Debug Tools Package Group
packagegroup-resin-flasher 1.0 Resin Package Group
redsocks 0.5 redsocks - transparent socks redirector
resin-device-progress 1.0 resin device progress
resin-device-register 1.0 resin device register
resin-extra-udev-rules 1.0 Additional udev rules in the OS
resin-filesystem-expand 1.0 Resin data partition filesystem expander
resin-hostname 1.0 Resin Hostname configuration tool
resin-image 1.0 Resin image
resin-image-flasher 1.0 Resin image flasher
resin-image-initramfs 1.0 Small image capable of booting a device. The kernel includes the Minimal RAM-based Initial Root Filesystem (initramfs), which finds the first 'init' program more efficiently. This is used to prepare the rootfs with some key operations.
resin-info 1.0 Resin info
resin-init 1.0 Resin custom INIT file
resin-init-board 1.0 Board custom INIT file
resin-init-flasher 1.0 Resin custom INIT file - use for flashig internal devices from external ones
resin-init-flasher-board 1.0 Board custom INIT file
resin-mounts 1.0 Resin systemd mount services
resin-mounts-flasher 1.0 Resin flasher systemd mount services
resin-net-config 1.0 resin network management configuration
resin-ntp-config 1.0 resin NTP configuration
resin-persistent-logs 1.0 Resin persistent logs
resin-proxy-config 1.0 resin proxy configuration
resin-state-reset 1.0 Resin state reset
resin-supervisor 1.0 resin supervisor
resin-vars 1.0 Resin Configuration Recipe
rtl8192cu 4.0.2 Realtek out-of-tree kernel driver for rtl8192cu
timeinit 1.0 Initialize system clock at boot
tini 0.14.0 Minimal init for containers
ucl 1.03 Data compression library
upx git Ultimate executable compressor.
upx 3.95 Ultimate executable compressor.
upx 3.94 Ultimate executable compressor.
usb-modeswitch 2.5.0 A mode switching tool for controlling 'flip flop' (multiple device) USB gear