The base resinOS layer which provides components for running resin on supported machines. Can be used in conjunction with resin infrastructure or simply for running docker containers on various targets. This sub-layer contains daisy specific changes and depends on the main meta-resin-common layer.

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The meta-resin-daisy layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
jq 1.4 Lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor
os-release 1.0 Operating system identification
plymouth 0.9.2 Plymouth is a project from Fedora providing a flicker-free graphical boot process.
systemd 216+gitX System and service manager for Linux, replacing SysVinit
systemd-compat-units 1.0 Enhances systemd compatilibity with existing SysVinit scripts
systemd-serialgetty 1.0 Serial terminal support for systemd
systemd-systemctl-native 1.0 Wrapper for enabling systemd services
volatile-binds 1.0 Volatile bind mount setup and configuration for read-only-rootfs