This is the general hardware specific BSP overlay for the RISC-V based devices. More information can be found at: (Official Site)

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The meta-riscv layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
jh7110-spl-tool git spl_tool is a jh7110 signature tool used to generate spl header information and generate u-boot-spl.bin.normal.out.
jpu-module 1.0 Kernel module for JPU
libsf-codaj12 1.0 CODAJ12 is a standalone JPEG Codec (JPU)
libsf-omxil 1.0 OpenMAX library implementation for VisionFive2
libsf-wave420l 1.0 WAVE420l encoding library for VisionFive2
libsf-wave511 1.0 WAVE511 decoding library for VisionFive2
linux-ae350-ax45mp-dev v6.0.2+gitX AE350 AX45MP dev kernel recipe
linux-allwinnerd1-dev 6.1.0+gitX Allwinner D1 dev kernel recipe
linux-firmware-beaglev-bcm43430 1.0 WIFI/BT Binary Blobs
linux-firmware-visionfive2-imggpu 1.0 IMG GPU Firmware Binary Blob
linux-firmware-visionfive2-wave420l 1.0 WAVE420l Firmware Binary Blob
linux-firmware-visionfive2-wave511 1.0 WAVE511 Firmware Binary Blob
linux-mainline 6.2++gitX Linux kernel
linux-milkv-duo 6.8++gitX Milk-V Duo mainline kernel recipe
linux-milkv-duo-dev 1.0 Linux kernel
linux-starfive-dev 6.2.0+gitX VisionFive dev kernel recipe
mesa-pvr 22.1.3 PVR Mesa fork
milkv-duo-bootfiles 1.0 firmware contains u-boot, OpenSBI and freeRTOS for Milk-V Duo.
milkv-duo-fsbl 1.0 FSBL contains OpenSBI and u-boot binaries for Milk-V Duo
riscv-fesvr 1.0 RISC-V Front-end Server
riscv-initramfs-image 1.0 initramfs image to be used together with SiFive Unleashed board as the board currently only supports booting from a ramdisk image
riscv-spike 1.0 RISC-V Spike ISA Simulator
rtl8723ds 1.0 Linux driver for RTL8723DS
u-boot-allwinnerd1 1.0 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-starfive v2021.10 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-starfive v2021.07 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-starfive v2021.04 Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
vdec-module 1.0 Kernel module for WAVE511 video decoder
venc-module 1.0 Kernel module for WAVE420l video encoder
visionfive2-pvr-graphics 1.19
ae350-ax45mp AE350 Platfrom (AX45MP)
baremetal-riscv32 a generic riscv32
baremetal-riscv32nf a generic riscv32 without FP
baremetal-riscv64 a generic riscv64
beaglev-starlight-jh7100 beta BeagleV Starlight board
freedom-u540 HiFive Unleashed development board
mangopi-mq-pro MangoPi MQ Pro
milkv-duo Milk-V Duo
nezha-allwinner-d1 Nezha Allwinner-d1 board
star64 Star64 board
visionfive VisionFive board
visionfive2 VisionFive 2 board
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