This layer provides recipes used for demo images targeting ARM based Toradex System on Modules (SoM) featuring NXP i.MX and TI SoCs.

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The meta-toradex-demos layer depends upon:


The meta-toradex-demos layer recommends:

Recipe name Version Description
bluealsa 4.0.0+gitX Bluetooth Audio ALSA Backend
clpeak git A tool which profiles OpenCL devices to find their peak capacities
codecgraph 20120114 Tool to generate a graph of HDA codec config
cpuburn-a53 git CPU burn app that loads the NEON coprocessor fully
giblib 1.2.4 giblib is a simple library which wraps imlib2
gpicview 0.2.5 Simple Image Viewer for X
hostapd-example 1.0 Deployment of example files to run hostapd on Toradex demo images
media-files 1.3 Media Files for tests
mediainfo 22.06 Mediainfo is a tool to analyze multimedia files
mediainfolib 22.06 Mediainfo is a tool to analyze multimedia files
mmc-utils-cos 0.1 Userspace tools for MMC/SD devices (Downstream version of Chromium OS Project)
packagegroup-dotnet-core 1.0 Provides runtime dependencies for .NET Core 2.0
packagegroup-qt5 1.0 QT5 base package group
packagegroup-tdx-cli 1.0 Packagegroups which provide cmdline releated packages
packagegroup-tdx-graphical 1.0 Packagegroups which provide graphical/display/multimedia releated packages
packagegroup-tdx-qt5 1.0 Packagegroup which provides most QT5 libraries and a QT5 demo
scrot 0.8 scrot (SCReen shOT), screen capture utility
serial-test git Serial test application
tdx-oak-sensors 0082 Sample code to access the toradex oak sensors
tdx-reference-minimal-image 1.0 Toradex Embedded Linux Reference Minimal Image
tdx-reference-multimedia-image 1.0 Toradex Embedded Linux Reference Multimedia Image
timestamp-service 1.0 Poor mans RTC using timestamps
wayland-qtdemo-launch-analogclock 1.0 Wayland application autostart
wayland-qtdemo-launch-cinematicexperience 1.0 Wayland application autostart
wayland-qtdemo-launch-qtsmarthome 1.0 Wayland application autostart
wayland-terminal-launch 1.0 Wayland application autostart
zenlib 22.06 Mediainfo is a tool to analyze multimedia files
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