This feature enables tpm 1.2 support, including kernel option changes to enable tpm drivers, and picking up packages trousers, tpm-tools, openssl-tpm-engine, tpm-quote-tools and so on.

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The meta-tpm layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
openssl-tpm-engine 0.5.0 OpenSSL secure engine based on TPM hardware
packagegroup-tpm 1.0 Basic packagegroup for TCG TSS and utilities that use it.
pcr-extend 0.1+git Command line utility to extend hash of arbitrary data into a TPMs PCR.
tpm-quote-tools 1.0.4+git A collection of programs that provide support for TPM based attestation using the TPM quote mechanism.
tpm-tools The tpm-tools package contains commands to allow the platform administrator the ability to manage and diagnose the platform's TPM.
trousers 0.3.15 TrouSerS - An open-source TCG Software Stack implementation.
tss-testsuite git Testcases to exercise the TSS stack/TSS API