updatehub provides a generic and safe Firmware Over-The-Air agent for Embedded and Industrial Linux-based devices.

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The meta-updatehub layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
libucl 1.03 Data compression library
packagegroup-updatehub 1.0 Merge machine and updatehub options to create a runtime set
python-updatehub-agent-sdk 1.0.0 UpdateHub's agent SDK for Python
python3-updatehub-agent-sdk 1.0.0 UpdateHub's agent SDK for Python
u-boot-updatehub 2018.09+gitX Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
u-boot-updatehub-fw-utils 2018.09+gitX U-Boot bootloader fw_printenv/setenv utilities
uhu 1.0.5 updatehub utilities for update package management and server
updatehub 1.0.12 A Firmware Over-The-Air agent for Embedded and Industrial Linux-based devices
updatehub-active-inactive-backend-grub 1.0 updatehub - Active/Inactive GRUB backend
updatehub-active-inactive-backend-grub-efi 1.0 updatehub - Active/Inactive GRUB EFI backend
updatehub-active-inactive-backend-grub-tools 0.0+X updatehub - Active/Inactive GRUB backend tools
updatehub-active-inactive-backend-u-boot 0.0+X updatehub - Active/Inactive U-Boot backend
updatehub-callbacks 1.0 updatehub - Callbacks
updatehub-config 1.0 updatehub configuration
updatehub-device-attributes git updatehub's device attributes scripts
updatehub-device-identity git updatehub's device identity scripts
updatehub-grub-script 1.0
updatehub-image-minimal 1.0 A small image just capable of allowing a device to boot and use the updatehub agent
updatehub-initramfs-image 1.0 updatehub initramfs image
updatehub-machine-info 1.0 updatehub - Machine Information
updatehub-package-schema 1.0.2 updatehub - Package Schema
updatehub-sdk-statechange-trigger 1.0 updatehub SDK - statechange trigger
updatehub-system-inquiry 0.0+X updatehub - System Inquiry
upx 3.95 Ultimate executable compressor.
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