Provides a specific layer for WaRP7.

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  • Pierre-Jean Texier (maintainer) email
Recipe name Version Description
air-quality-2-click 0.1 airquality-click
base-image 1.0 Basic image
clicks-board-init 0.1 GPIO init script
dac-3-click 0.1 dac-3-click
hologram-tools git Hologram tools (ppp)
hwrevision 0.1 Hardware revision for WaRP7
mender-qt-updater git Qt App to test Mender scripts
modbus-rtu git Qt Modbus RTU Server
packagegroup-iot-base 1.0 iot base packagegroup
packagegroup-qt5 1.0 Qt5 for Embedded Linux (Qt without X11)
packagegroup-tools-io 1.0 Tools i/o Package Group
qt5-environment 1.0 Environment for Qt5
qt5-image 1.0 Basic image
rpmsg-tools git Simple command line tools to play with rpmsg
service-gateway git Qt App to test Shared Memory and D-bus from ServiceRPMSG
service-mpl3115 git Qt App to test the mlp3115 with Dbus
service-rpmsg git Qt App to test Air Quality 2 click with RPMSG
shairport-sync git AirPlay audio player. Shairport Sync adds multi-room capability with Audio Synchronisation
shairport-sync-metadata-reader git Sample Shairport Sync Metadata Player
u-boot-scr 1.0 U-boot boot script for WaRP7
weather-click 0.1 weather-click