Layer enabling browser based kiosk devices with virtual keyboard support

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The meta-web-kiosk layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
ca-certificates 20120623 Common CA certificates
core-image-kiosk-manager 1.0 Image with Sato, a mobile environment and visual style for mobile devices. The image supports X11 with a Sato theme, Pimlico applications, and contains terminal, editor, and file manager.
core-image-web-kiosk 1.0 A basic image with web browser integrated
kiosk-manager-scripts 0.1 some scripts for kiosk manager
midori 0.4.5 Midori is a lightweight web browser.
midori-session 0.1 Midori X session files for poky
packagegroup-kiosk-manager 1.0 package group for kiosk manager recipes
packagegroup-x11-browser 1.0 Basic X11 session with Midori Browser
python-docutils 0.5 Text processing system
ssh-keys 0.1 ssh private & public key packages
vala 0.16.0 Vala is a C#-like language dedicated to ease GObject programming. Vala compiles to plain C and has no runtime environment nor penalities whatsoever.