Some random useful bits for web related bits in the embedded world such as sessions starting browsers, some web related server applications and demo images.

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The meta-webstuff layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
core-image-web-minimal 1.0 A basic image with web browser session
dillo 3.0.5 Lightweight FLTK browser, with support for SSL, tabs and much more...
dillo-session 0.2 Epiphany X session files for Yocto/Poky
epiphany-session 0.2 Epiphany X session files for Yocto/Poky
nextcloud 15.0.5 Nexcloud Server
packagegroup-x11-browser 1.0 Basic X11 packageset for minimal web browser support
python3-radicale 2.1.6 Radicale *DAV Server
python3-vobject 0.9.2 Python package for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files
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