Community support for Xilinx platforms, including legacy boards.

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The meta-xilinx-community layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
linux-netmodule-zx3 3.14
u-boot-zx3 2013.04-git Universal Boot Loader for embedded devices
microzed-zynq7 Machine support for microZed. (
ml405-virtex4-ppc405 Xilinx ML405 FPGA development platform with a Virtex-4 PowerPC 405 processor (with APU FPU).
ml507-virtex5-ppc440 Xilinx ML507 FPGA development platform with a Virtex-5 PowerPC 440 processor (with APU FPU).
zc702-base-trd-zynq7 Machine support for ZC702 Base TRD.
zc706-pcie-trd-zynq7 Machine support for ZC706 PCIe TRD.
ze7000-zynq7 Machine configuraiton for the ze7000 from NetModule device
zx3-pm3-zynq7 Enclustra PM3 evaluation board with ZX3 module
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