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The meta-android layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
abootimg 0.6+gitrX A tool to read/write/update android boot images
android-apn-database 4.2.2+gitrX Android APN Database
android-image-utils-native 1.0+gitrX Android Image Creation and Booting Utilities
android-rpc 1.1+gitrX Android RPC library
android-system 1.0 System configuration and startup scripts for the Android compatibility layer
android-system-compat 1.0 Several scripts and config files to archive compatibilty with Android
android-tools 4.2.2+git20130218-3ubuntu13 Different utilities from Android - based on the corresponding ubuntu package
android-tools-conf 1.0 Different utilities from Android - corressponding configuration files
bcm4330-firmware 4.1.2 Proprietary firmware binaries needed for the BCM4330 wifi/bt chip
brcm-patchram-plus 4.1.1+gitrX Android Bluetooth firmware loader
chroot-image 1.0
chroot-script 1.0 Simple init script to chroot into an exisiting rootfs somewhere we can't boot into directly
initramfs-android-image 1.0 Initramfs image to boot from internal flash of several Android based devices
initramfs-boot-android 1.0 Simple init script to boot on an Android device
invensense 4.2+gitrX The Motion Library from Invensense processes gyroscopes and accelerometers to provide a physical model of the movement of the sensors.
libhybris 0.1.0+gitrX Hybris is a solution that commits hybris, by allowing us to use bionic-based HW adaptations in glibc systems
suspend-blocker 0.1.22+gitrX Kernel suspend wakelock blocker diagnostics utility