This layer is intended to be a central point for realtime related kernel and system development. It also contains utilities, and configuration useful for tuning a realtime system. It should be useful directly on top of oe-core. It should be primarily useful to the following groups: - Anyone working on Linux kernel realtime development (preempt-rt, sched_dealine, posix realtime). - Anyone experimenting with alternative pairing of general purpose OSs and realtime OS divisions. Whether that be AMP, userspace RTOS or realtime hypervisors. - Anyone working on cpu isolation, system partitioning and related userspace applications. - Anyone benchmarking and performance profiling a Linux system.

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The meta-realtime layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
core-image-rt-extended 1.0 A small image just capable of allowing a device to boot.
rt-app 1.0 rt-app is a test application that starts multiple periodic threads in order to simulate a real-time periodic load
schedtool-dl 1.0 schedtool-dl (scheduler test tool) for deadline scheduler