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Recipe name Version Description
elito-decode-definitions 1.0 Register defintions for use with elito-decode-registers
elito-decode-registers 1.0 Tool to interpret register contents
elito-devicetree 1.0 qemux86 device tree
elito-devicetree-tools 1.0 Tools for generating device trees within an ELiTo project
elito-fbtest 0.4.1+gitX Framebuffer testutility
elito-image-stream 0.2.10+gitX ELiTo image stream tools
elito-mx6-load 0.1.0+gitrX imx6 rescue system loader
elito-rescue-base 0.1.2 ELiTo base rescue utils
elito-rescue-utils 0.2.12+gitX rescue system updater
fbcat 0.5.2
gengetopt 2.22.6
imx6-ipu-osc 1.0 Displays IPU data pins
libccgi 1.1 CGI Library for C
linux-serial-test 1.0 Serial test application
mx6-pins 1.0 qemux86 pin setup
packagegroup-ci 1.0
persistent-v4l 1.0
rescue-image 1.0