Linux UEFI Validation OS distribution layer

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Recipe name Version Description
autogen-native 5.18.12 Automated text and program generation tool
bdwgc 7.6.0 A garbage collector for C and C++
bits 2079+gitX BIOSBits is a test suite that runs UEFI BIOS tests.
chipsec 1.3.6rc1 CHIPSEC: Platform Security Assessment Framework
core-image-efi-initramfs 1.0 Small image capable of booting a device and running the suite of EFI tests.
efilinux 1.1 A small BSD-licensed reference UEFI OS loader
efivarfs-test 1.0 EFI varfs tests
fwts V18.09.00+gitX Firmware testsuite
guile 2.0.14 Guile is the GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
jq jq-1.5 JQ
kernel-efi-warnings 0.1 Kernel warnings for potential UEFI firmware bugs
linux-libc-headers 4.18 Sanitized set of kernel headers for the C library's use
linux-luv 4.18+gitX Linux kernel
luv-live-image 1.0
luv-netboot-image 1.0
luv-test 1.0 LUV scripts
ndctl v60+gitX libnvdimm utility library
nvdimm-test 1.0 nvdimm tests
pstore-test 1.0 pstore tests
sbsigntool git Signing utility for UEFI secure boot
shim-signed 1.0 Signed shim is a lightweight EFI application signed by Microsoft Corporation
telemetrics git telemetrics-client
xorriso 1.3.8
luv Linux UEFI Validation Distribution
luv-netboot Linux UEFI Validation Distribution