microServiceBus.com is an integration platform for IoT and enterprise applications. This platform lets you expose microservices from small devices and large systems using a remote hosting infrastructure. These nodes can run on both Linux and Windows using components built either natively (ARM) or using node.js.

Git repository

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The meta-microservicebus-node layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
microservicebus-node 2.0.0 microServiceBus-node is the node.js based device agent used together with microServiceBus.com.
microservicebus-node-service 1.0.0 Install and start microservicebus as systemd service
nodejs-serialport 6.2.2 Node.js package to access serial ports. Linux, OSX and Windows. Welcome your robotic JavaScript overlords. Better yet, program them!
packagegroup-microservicebus 1.0 Support for microServiceBus and use of gyp for npm