This is the general hardware specific BSP overlay for the RISC-V based devices. More information can be found at: (Official Site)

Setup information

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Last commit: 6 years, 1 month ago (sumo branch)


Recipe name Version Description
gdb riscv GNU debugger
gdb-cross-canadian-i586 riscv GNU debugger (cross-canadian gdb for i586 target)
gdb-cross-i586 riscv GNU debugger
linux-riscv 4.17-rc2+gitX Linux kernel
linux-riscv 4.15+gitX Linux kernel
qemu riscv Fast open source processor emulator
riscv-fesvr 1.0 RISC-V Front-end Server
riscv-initramfs-image 1.0 initramfs image to be used together with SiFive Unleashed board as the board currently only supports booting from a ramdisk image
riscv-pk 1.0 RISC-V Proxy Kernel
riscv-spike 1.0 RISC-V Spike ISA Simulator
freedom-u540 HiFive Unleashed development board
qemuriscv64 a generic riscv64
riscv32 a generic riscv32
riscv64 a generic riscv64