Mostly focussing on tools using the mavlink protocol.

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Recipe name Version Description
lcm 1.0.0 Lightweight Communications and Marshalling
libxbee 3.0.10 A C/C++ library to aid the use of Digi XBee radios in API mode
mavconn 0.0+gitX Lightweight robotics middleware for Linux/Unix systems
mavlink 1.0.9 MAVLink micro air vehicle marshalling / communication library
mavproxy 1.3.6 This is a MAVLink ground station written in python.
multiwii-mavlink-gc 1.1+gitX Connecting Multiwii Flight Controler to QGroundControl with mavlink
pymavlink 1.1.61 This is a python implementation of the MAVLink protocol.
python-pyparsing 2.0.1 A Python Parsing Module
sixpair 20070418 Pair SIXAXIS with non-PS3 master