Name logcheck
Version 1.3.24
Summary Analyzes log files and sends noticeable events as email
Description Logcheck is a simple utility which is designed to allow a system administrator to view the log-files which are produced upon hosts under their control. It does this by mailing summaries of the log-files to them, after first filtering out "normal" entries. Normal entries are entries which match one of the many included regular expression files contain in the database.
Section Applications/System
License GPL-2.0-only
Recipe file recipes-extended/logcheck/
Layer meta-perl (langdale branch)
  • useradd
  • useradd_base
  • base-files
  • base-passwd
  • shadow
  • shadow-native
  • shadow-sysroot
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-compilerlibs
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-gcc
  • virtual/libc




Other branches

This recipe in other branches of meta-perl:

Branch Recipe
master logcheck 1.4.3
scarthgap (Yocto Project 5.0) logcheck 1.4.3
nanbield (Yocto Project 4.3) logcheck 1.4.3
mickledore (Yocto Project 4.2) logcheck 1.4.2
langdale (Yocto Project 4.1) logcheck 1.3.24 (this recipe)
kirkstone (Yocto Project 4.0) logcheck 1.3.23
honister (Yocto Project 3.4) logcheck 1.3.23
hardknott (Yocto Project 3.3) logcheck 1.3.20
gatesgarth (Yocto Project 3.2) logcheck 1.3.20
dunfell (Yocto Project 3.1) logcheck 1.3.20
zeus (Yocto Project 3.0) logcheck 1.3.20
warrior (Yocto Project 2.7) logcheck 1.3.20
thud (Yocto Project 2.6) logcheck 1.3.19
sumo (Yocto Project 2.5) logcheck 1.3.18
rocko (Yocto Project 2.4) logcheck 1.3.18