Name libtest-harness-perl
Version 3.44
Summary Test::Harness - Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics
Description Although, for historical reasons, the Test::Harness distribution takes its name from this module it now exists only to provide TAP::Harness with an interface that is somewhat backwards compatible with Test::Harness 2.xx. If you're writing new code consider using TAP::Harness directly instead. Emulation is provided for runtests and execute_tests but the pluggable 'Straps' interface that previous versions of Test::Harness supported is not reproduced here. Straps is now available as a stand alone module: Test::Harness::Straps. See TAP::Parser, TAP::Harness for the main documentation for this distribution.
Section libs
License Artistic-1.0 | GPL-1.0-or-later
Recipe file recipes-perl/libtest/
Layer meta-perl (langdale branch)
  • cpan
  • cpan-base
  • perl-version
  • perlnative
  • ptest
  • ptest-perl
  • perl
  • perl-native
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-compilerlibs
  • virtual/i686-oe-linux-gcc
  • virtual/libc




Other branches

This recipe in other branches of meta-perl:

Branch Recipe
master libtest-harness-perl 3.48
scarthgap (Yocto Project 5.0) libtest-harness-perl 3.48
nanbield (Yocto Project 4.3) libtest-harness-perl 3.47
mickledore (Yocto Project 4.2) libtest-harness-perl 3.44
langdale (Yocto Project 4.1) libtest-harness-perl 3.44 (this recipe)
kirkstone (Yocto Project 4.0) libtest-harness-perl 3.44
honister (Yocto Project 3.4) libtest-harness-perl 3.42
hardknott (Yocto Project 3.3) libtest-harness-perl 3.42
gatesgarth (Yocto Project 3.2) libtest-harness-perl 3.42
dunfell (Yocto Project 3.1) libtest-harness-perl 3.42
zeus (Yocto Project 3.0) libtest-harness-perl 3.42
warrior (Yocto Project 2.7) libtest-harness-perl 3.42
thud (Yocto Project 2.6) libtest-harness-perl 3.42
sumo (Yocto Project 2.5) libtest-harness-perl 3.42
rocko (Yocto Project 2.4) libtest-harness-perl 3.36
pyro (Yocto Project 2.3) libtest-harness-perl 3.36
morty (Yocto Project 2.2) libtest-harness-perl 3.36
krogoth (Yocto Project 2.1) libtest-harness-perl 3.36
jethro (Yocto Project 2.0) libtest-harness-perl 3.30
fido (Yocto Project 1.8) libtest-harness-perl 3.30
dizzy (Yocto Project 1.7) libtest-harness-perl 3.30