Name guile
Version 2.0.11
Summary Guile is the GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions
Description Guile is the GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions, the official extension language for the GNU operating system. Guile is a library designed to help programmers create flexible applications. Using Guile in an application allows the application's functionality to be extended by users or other programmers with plug-ins, modules, or scripts. Guile provides what might be described as 'practical software freedom,' making it possible for users to customize an application to meet their needs without digging into the application's internals.
Section devel
License GPLv3
Recipe file recipes-devtools/guile/
Layer openembedded-core (krogoth branch)
  • autotools
  • gettext
  • pkgconfig
  • siteconfig
  • siteinfo
  • texinfo
  • autoconf-native
  • automake-native
  • bdwgc
  • gettext-native
  • gmp
  • gnu-config-native
  • guile-native
  • libatomic-ops
  • libffi
  • libtool
  • libtool-cross
  • libtool-native
  • libunistring
  • ncurses
  • pkgconfig-native
  • readline
  • texinfo-native
  • virtual/gettext
  • virtual/i586-oe-linux-compilerlibs
  • virtual/i586-oe-linux-gcc
  • virtual/libc



Patch Status
files/debian/0002-Mark-Unused-modules-are-removed-gc-test-as-unresolve.patch Unknown
files/debian/0003-Mark-mutex-with-owner-not-retained-threads-test-as-u.patch Unknown
files/opensuse/guile-64bit.patch Unknown
files/guile_2.0.6_fix_sed_error.patch Unknown
files/arm_endianness.patch Unknown
files/arm_aarch64.patch Unknown
files/workaround-ice-ssa-corruption.patch Unknown
files/ Unknown
files/libguile-VM-ASM_MUL-for-ARM-Add-earlyclobber.patch Unknown
files/remove_strcase_l_funcs.patch Unknown
files/0001-libguile-Check-for-strtol_l-during-configure.patch Unknown
files/0002-Recognize-nios2-as-compilation-target.patch Unknown