Name diod
Version 1.0.24+gitX (0ea3fe3d829b5085307cd27a512708d99ef48199)
Summary Diod is a user space server for the kernel v9fs client.
Description Diod is a user space server for the kernel v9fs client (9p.ko, 9pnet.ko). Although the kernel client supports several 9P variants, diod only supports 9P2000.L, and only in its feature-complete form, as it appeared in 2.6.38.
Section console/network
License GPLv2
Recipe file recipes-extended/diod/
Layer meta-virtualization (sumo branch)
  • autotools
  • siteconfig
  • siteinfo
  • systemd
  • autoconf-native
  • automake-native
  • gnu-config-native
  • libcap
  • libtool-cross
  • libtool-native
  • lua
  • ncurses
  • tcp-wrappers




Patch Status
files/0001-build-allow-builds-to-work-with-separate-build-dir.patch Inappropriate [embedded specific]
files/ Pending

Other branches

This recipe in other branches of meta-virtualization:

Branch Recipe
master diod 1.0.24+git
scarthgap (Yocto Project 5.0) diod 1.0.24+git
nanbield (Yocto Project 4.3) diod 1.0.24+git
mickledore (Yocto Project 4.2) diod 1.0.24+gitX
langdale (Yocto Project 4.1) diod 1.0.24+gitX
kirkstone (Yocto Project 4.0) diod 1.0.24+gitX
honister (Yocto Project 3.4) diod 1.0.24+gitX
hardknott (Yocto Project 3.3) diod 1.0.24+gitX
gatesgarth (Yocto Project 3.2) diod 1.0.24+gitX
dunfell (Yocto Project 3.1) diod 1.0.24+gitX
zeus (Yocto Project 3.0) diod 1.0.24+gitX
warrior (Yocto Project 2.7) diod 1.0.24+gitX
thud (Yocto Project 2.6) diod 1.0.24+gitX
sumo (Yocto Project 2.5) diod 1.0.24+gitX (this recipe)
rocko (Yocto Project 2.4) diod 1.0.24+gitX