BSP for the Intel Crystal Forest (Gladden & Server) embedded platforms.

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The meta-crystalforest layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
calgary-corpus 1.0 Set of files for testing losless compression algorithms
canterbury-corpus 1.0 Intel Quick Assist Driver - Canterbury Corpus
core-image-qat 1.0 Image with Sato, a mobile environment and visual style for mobile devices. The image supports X11 with a Sato theme, Pimlico applications, and contains terminal, editor, and file manager.
core-image-qat-sdk 1.0 Image with Sato support that includes everything within core-image-sato plus meta-toolchain, development headers and libraries to form a standalone SDK.
silesia-corpus 1.0 The Data Compression Resource on the Internet
crystalforest-gladden Crystal Forest Gladden systems
crystalforest-server Crystal Forest Server systems