This layer holds the Mentor Embedded Linux distro configuration.

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The meta-mel layer depends upon:

Recipe name Version Description
binutils-libs 2.22 A GNU collection of binary utilities
lttng-modules 2.0.5 Linux Trace Toolkit KERNEL MODULE
lttng-tools 2.0.4 Linux Trace Toolkit Control
lttng2-ust 2.0.5 Linux Trace Toolkit Userspace Tracer 2.0
mel-release 1.0 Meta package for packaging a Mentor Embedded Linux release
nativesdk-netserver 2.4.4 Server for the NETPERF network performance benchmark including tests for TCP, UDP, sockets, ATM and more.
packagegroup-role-nas 1.0 Package group for a nas-type device
packagegroup-role-print-server 1.0 Package group for a print-server-type device
packagegroup-role-router 1.0 Package group for a router-type device
packagegroup-tools-benchmark 1.0 Package group for benchmarking the target
packagegroup-tools-lttng 1.0 Package group for the Linux Trace Toolkit tools
packagegroup-tools-lttng2 1.0 Package group for the Linux Trace Toolkit tools v2.0
udev 145 /dev/ and hotplug management daemon